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Michael R Baggett
Michael R Baggett
7 Number 1
18 Top 10
25 Tracks
You are the most important person to my music. I hope you will give my songs a listen. Feel valued because you are.
Out There Somewhere
Today #77 in Country
Where did I get You
Peak position #2
Alabama Girl
Peak position #1
Rita's Calling
Peak position #13
Papa Brown
Peak position #8
***************************************************************************** There are such talented artist on SoundClick. Thank you for taking time to spend on my music page. My songs and music are all original. My prayer is one of my songs will touch your heart or just take away your cares even for just a few moments. God bless you! *****************************************************************************
Band/artist history
Played with a band called The Thacker Mountain Band for awhile. Worked up an act with another musician as a duo for awhile, but have mainly played alone through the years. I have played Christmas parties, hospitals. I have mainly played solo and I've been busy writing and playing for 35 years and now have in excess of 125 original songs. I play and sing everyday and keep reaching for the next level.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Right now I'm more interested in marketing music through recordings. The most special place I played was North Mississippi Regional Center in Oxford, Ms. There was also the time we played where a knife fight broke out between bikers and sailors!
Your musical influences
The Beatles, Buck Owens and Buddy Holly and Jimmi Hendrix and Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins, Peter Frampton, Johnny Rivers.,, AC/DC, Wow, it's hard to name everyone who deserves credit for influencing me. How could I forget Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, C.C.R. The Eagles, Roy Orbison, Bruce Springsteen..
What equipment do you use?
My favorite is the Epiphone Dot/block electric. I own a PRS, Fender Stratocaster, Gretch and a few amps. I own many effects pedals and boards.
Anything else?
I've been playing guitar, singing and writing songs since I was 16. I was brought up around music in the same region as Elvis Presley and B.B. King. I've written around 125 songs. I'm playing piano now and have actually written several songs on piano. Life is good and making music helps make it that way. I have friends who are in the music business, but I play music because I love it.
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