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Mad Habit
Mad Habit is a 4 piece alternative/hard rock band hailing from Southern California. They draw musical inspiration from a wide and ever-expanding range of groups
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Stranded was Hard Rock "Track of the Day" on GarageBand.com in November, 2003.
Could You Even Try?
Awarded Garage Band "track of the day" in May, 2005, and the a number of reviewers' picks awards, including "Most Rocking Track."
Singularity is one of the featured tracks in our new EP, First Neurotic Impulse.
Claustrophobia [Excerpt]
Claustrophobia is featured on our new EP, First Neurotic Impulse.
Mad Habit is a 4 piece alternative/hard rock band hailing from Southern California. They strive to create songs that are complex enough to survive many listens without becoming stale, that project a distinct mood and connect with people emotionally, and that sound fresh and current without blindly following trends.
Band/artist history
Mad Habit formed as a three-piece band in the spring of 2001 -- mainly for the purpose of entertaining ourselves in our bass player's garage. In the beginning, our sound was a sort of fusion of progressive hard rock and acid jazz, and we literally had no two songs that sounded like they were even in the same genre. Then a friend gave us the crazy notion that we ought to play for other people and record what we were doing. In the process of playing out and doing some recording, we got a little more serious, honed our style a bit, survived several lineup changes, and started to make our mark on the local music scene. Since releasing our first recordings in late October, 2003, we've been the featured artist on 6 different mp3 sites (including Kings of A&R), received some radio airplay, and have been added to the soundtracks of two independent films.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live, mostly around southern California, though we do have a couple of shows in Memphis Tennessee that some high school students working with a couple of other organizations were nice enough to set up for us.
Your musical influences
Incubus, Jane's Addiction, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Tool, A Perfect Circle, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Rush...basically anything with groove, and anything that's artistically rich enough that you'll still find something cool about the song after 50 listens.
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