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Unpredictable Headband
Unpredictable Headband
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Original three piece recording jam band, David Angus :Bass, Keith Baxter :Vocals and Acoustic Guitar with Finlay Blackwood:lead Guitar. All Original music
suicide chick
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Reek it up
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I Rule my own world
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socially distanced
sometimes we loose
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A license is needed if you want to use the music for anything else than just listening for your pleasure. Typical uses are
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A "tagged beat" is a demonstration version of an instrumental that contains distinct audio watermarks that typically play throughout the entire track. The purpose of a producer tagging his/her instrumental is to prevent piracy and to encourage serious recording artists to purchase a license.
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Why would I need a stem / trackout file?
A trackout file gives you much better control. Imagine you rap over a beat and you realize the percussions take the focus away from your vocals. With a trackout file you can simply tone down the percussion and the focus is now on the vocals. With a trackout file you have much more flexibility and a whole different level of control.
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Band members Past and present: Keith (Bax) on Vocals and accoustic guitars. Finlay Blackwood: Founder member and originator Finlay (Feet) on Lead Guitar, midi guitar synthesizers, drum machines, sampling and chaos pad. Occasionally playing bass guitar. Audio recording engineering and post production. Photography, video recording, editing and artwork, effects and computers. Web pages. Dave, Bass Guitar, drum machines and keyboards photos and social comentry. Stuart Fraser, Ex Bassist and acoustic guitar; Stuart has now emigrated to Australia and playing with a new Band in the BUSH somewhere. We make up our songs on-the-fly, spontaneous topics and moods. Drawing on current affairs and personal experiences. I also like to do theme music, stuff you might use for a movie or film sound track. I also work with video. Find some of our stuff on YouTube Bike Run Video
Band/artist history
Feet: Lead Guitarist, I started learning to play guitar back in 1970 when I was just 12. I used to Jam with KB when we were in our early twenties. I played with a few bands at school and after leaving school and occasionally as a stand-in bass player. Prefer writing and playing original music to doing other bands covers. I'm Interested in effects, gadgets, recording and sound technology. Play : Gibson SG Voodoo swamp ash + shadow midi pickup, Rickenbacker, Fender telecaster, Rickenbacker Stereo Bass, Fender strat, spanish classical and mandolin. Various EMU Synthesisers via Midi Guitar. KB plays Ibanez accousic, Gibson Les Paul custom, Korg M1 Unpredictable Headband - born from the 'Imaginators Friends' recordings where a ghostly recording of radio 4 Violin concherto solos were over-dubbed on our Barn recording of "Child in time?". Seemed syncronised - part of our recording comes totally together.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Occasionally we play at party or pub gigs. Played Rock Clochforbie 2016, a charity festival gig with headline band 'Guns to Roses' from London. Live JAM at Last Bus, Lost Cafe. An unusual evening or live entertainment , drinks and snacks in the company of Locals.
Your musical influences
Influenced by many, many, different styles of music, guitarists and music personalities. I like Blues, Reggae, Rock, Metal (Sabbath , Ozzy, Jimi Hendrix), psychodelic rock, Hawkwind, Floyd, Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Robin Trower, Frank Zappa, AC DC, ZZ Top, Motorhead, Ronnie Montrose, Sammi Hagar, T.S. Macphee (Groundhogs), Alex Harvey Band and the old progressive stuff from GreenSlade, Genesis, and the old Blues and Jazz Blues of BB King, E Clapton, Cream, Deep Purple, Rock : Metallica, Nickleback. Reef. I also like to give sound click unsigned bands a listen. Keith likes Elton John, Freddie Mercury (Queen), David Bowie. Robbie Williams and Chris Rea.
What equipment do you use?
EMU 'Planet Phatt' and Xl-Turbo. Alesis & Zoom drum machines, Roland, Korg 32 track, Behringer V-Amp, BOSS GT Pro, Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, Rickenbacker Guitars, Marshall & Fender amps. Recorded on Fostex VF-16 & Korg D3200 32 track digital recorders. Tweeked on the Computer with Mixcraft (5,6,7,8). Ibanez accoustic guitars. Mixed on Korg D3200 Digital recorded with ADAM nearfield monitors, PC mix down. Sony Canon and Go Pro cameras.
Anything else?
Name your own price 3 albums to download for a short time HERE on this site - https://soundclick.com/share?albumID=18212, Check me on Drooble https://drooble.com/i/cb1aul Creators of Spontaneous, Catchy, Happy, Clever, Humorous, Weird and wonderful or just-daft songs about life, fantasy, bikes, sex, love and war. Presence on soundclicK,soundcloud,DROOBLE,Facebook,youtube etc. Buy stuff here store Visit our fans page on Face book facebook Visit the Offical Headband site at HEADBAND Dave our Bass guitarist has also mixed some alternative songs and versions, you should give them a listen at SoundCloud. black-mamba