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Free Techno and Dance MP3 to download. VideoGame Music Arrange. Updated Monthly. VGM of Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Power Strike II, Streets of Rage and ot
Nevion (Single)
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Listening Clouds (Belmont's Revenge - The A.S.T.)
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The Dream (Fairy)
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Ice View (Sonic & Knuckles Collection AST)
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Ways (Fairy)
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Started September 2006, initially MixWaves was composed by 3 members: MDashK, creator of the team, Zeru (his best friend, no longer a member), Erik JS (a big brasilian friend) and Strikker (a good friend from tha internetz!). Together in team, our objective is to simply create music. Over the time, Erik JS and Strikker made some musics, but because of personal issues, they started to lack time to create musics. Even I lack the time and nowadays my activity has been pretty low. I guess MixWaves evolved in a way that, today, it's not a 3 member band anymore. It's more of a 1 member band that features works of some friends has well. Kinda like lots of the musics that exist nowadays like "This Guy feat. That Guy"... I mean, I could change the band name to MDashK and nobody would care (laughs). But no, I created MixWaves and I intent to keep the name that way.
Band/artist history
There's not much history, but if you want more info, go to our official website @ www.mixwaves.webs.com and check out the About Us section.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nah, we never played live, and honestly we have no intention. All our tracks are made for fun and entertainment. And also, we want no profit at all.
Your musical influences
Our musical influences are very variated, but to get a little prespective, here's some of my favorite songs, musics and artists (in no particular order): Jamiroquai, Limp Biskit, The Prodigy, Rammstein, The Crystal Method, Fear Factory, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Antix, Bentley Jones, Billy Idol, Clazziquai, Crush 40, Remix Factory, NightWish, Linkin Park, Disturbed, The Offspring, Daft Punk, Dead By Sunrise, Dragonforce, Eiffel 65, Gorillaz, Men At Work, Modern Talking, Pet Shop Boys, Roxette, Savage Garden, Powerman 5000, Electrasy, The Urge, Sonic Waves, ZZ Top, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Sound Online, Key Sounds Label, Tsukasa, Jun Senoue, Laurent Wolf, Julien-K, Scooter, David Guetta, ESTi, Ruby Tuesday, M2U, Croove, NieN, Electronic Boutique, DJ Mocha, Forte Escape and more... My influence in several video-games is also heavily relevant. Here are some (again, in no particular order): Sonic The Hedgehog, Daytona USA 2, Jet Set Radio (Future), Persona 3, Phantasy Star Online, F-Zero, Castlevania, After Burner Climax, DJMAX, Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 in the USA), Resident Evil (specially 4, 5 and the movies), Ridge Racer 6, Devil May Cry 4, Scud Race, Sega Rally, Test Drive 6, Pokémon, King of Fighters and more...
What equipment do you use?
Software. So far, I have never used hardware.
Anything else?
Not really I guess... But if you thing something's missing, check out our official website @ www.mixwaves.webs.com. Also, feel free to leave a message around here and I'll answer it ASAP.
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