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Stripped of All Restraints
The solo project of Isaac Helbling, from Yorktown, IN, USA. All music written, mixed, mastered, produced, played, programmed etc, by me :P
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27 plays
Brain Cells(instrumental demo)
I'm Isaac and I am Stripped of All Restraints.
Band/artist history
I started writing music when I started playing guitar in... what was it, 2006 I think? Anyway, I started recording in January of 2010, gradually improving the quality of my equipment and music, and I've nowhere to go but up! I think my musical future looks bright :D
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nope. Though I have played live with bands before, and I do enjoy it quite a bit. Haha
Your musical influences
I used to be really (really) into Tool, which is what got me into the more progressive, oddly metered music originally. At some point, I moved on to heavier, more complicated bands like Meshuggah and Periphery, although I don't consider my style to be "Djent," as much as I like the style. Some other bands I like but am not particularly influenced by are Primus and, oddly enough, Owl City. I've also listened to a lot of random music over my 16 years and in that time i've grown to love bands/artists such as U2, Sting, and Coldplay. I'll pretty much give anything a listen, and I've found music i've enjoyed in just about every genre.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars: Epiphone Les Paul (not entirely sure of the exact series, too lazy to check :P), Schecter Hellraiser c7 (my daaaarling) Guitar Amp: Vox Valvetronics 30 watt (a tube/solid-state hybrid. Its pretty cool actually.) Bass: Dean Edge (Again, not sure of the exact model. Preamp (I think thats what it is, I might just be ignorant lol): PreSonus Audiobox Software: Garageband (macs ftw! :P) EZ Drummer (no pluggins or anything) Mic: A sterling (not sure what model, but its a cardioid. I rather like it, I get pretty good sound with it.)
Anything else?
Look, a distraction! *steals your stuff*