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I love PussY vol1
I love PussY vol1
11 Tracks
Im just incline with what i have going on as far as life not just music im out going im peaceful but i will protect myself by all means.I have 2 children taylor
11 songs
Hi im Keley Bluez and i want you to relax first of all lets be friends and become family support each other and help make this world better no matter what it takes to do it and fall in love while having great and safe sex doing it sounds like fun? Lets go! Im more interested into getting to know you im your fan the fan's fan. This is Keley Bluez In a nut shell. Positive soul.
Band/artist history
There is no history because I only live for now yesterday wasn't promise nor is tomorrow so Im just trying to make it thru today with smiles and prepare for tomorrows survival. after today is the tomorrow you should have feared yesterday.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live I have rocked all around the country not just here at home. My favorite was club ZELDA's in palm springs california they showed the most love and really supported by raising radio request on 99.1 kggi thanks you guys! And woman were very beautiful with great personality which is pretty rare in california.
Your musical influences
Im influence by music from the early and mid 1900's you know oldies n stuff
What equipment do you use?
Pro tools, m-audio the simple shit when i record but them boys and them big labels who do the mixing they got SSL and G series the big stuff you know for mastering
Anything else?
Be cool and love one another just have fun and if your in love make as much love as possible its good for you keep faith in god not man,man lies too much. Don't jump into any organization unless you have a thorough report on the organization and its beliefs. Black love World Peace! Kevin (Keley Bluez) Young
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