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Chick French
Chick French
Grenada, USA
December 11, 2003
8,699 plays
I grew up 10 miles south of Greenville Mississippi, it ain't no town and it ain't no city. Just outside of Wayside, Ms my father had a farm that we affectionately referred to as "Po' Baby", 240 acres of the sorriest land that the Lord ever created, buck-shot, Delta gumbo. Now here I am 48 years later. I took quite a few years off from playing to raise my son. Now that he can drive me around, I'm back at it again. Right now I'm working with Duff Dorrough (Formerly with The Tangents) George Allen (Played with Sassy Jones - Bass Player Extraordinare) and Morson "Mo" Emerson (Played with Bobby Rush) - Stan Street - Harp & Sax. George, Mo, Stan and I are also doing a 4-piece (Chick French & The Ticklers) and I'm doing a few solo acoustic gigs.
Band/artist history
1970's - Dixie Rose - Progressive Country 1980's - Blue Light Blues Band - eruh blues 1985's - Hot Biscuits - Blues w Mojo Buford - Muddy Waters harp player 1990's - Jelly Roll Kings - Blues - Featuring Frank Frost & Sam Carr 1995's - Chick French & The Ticklers - Blues w/ Fingers Taylor 2000's - Hung up my Rock & Roll Shoes for 6 years 2006 - Revelators - Duff Dorrough & Jim Ellis 2008&9 - Duff & The Moonbeams - Duff Dorrough, George Allen, Morson Emerson and I, also Chick French & The Ticklers and solo gigs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yep, just started back after taking some years off to raise my boy. My most memoriable times were spent playing with Frank Frost and Sam Carr. They taught me more about what not to play than anyone I've ever worked with.
Your musical influences
anyone that "can play"
What equipment do you use?
Gibson 335, Fender Telecaster, Blueridge acoustic, Beard Resophonic Squareneck, Fender Super Reverb & Brand new Dr Z EZG 50 amp, Kingsley Jester Boost/Overdrive
Anything else?
yeah, i need more guitars.....
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