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Big Tite
Big Tite
Dallas, TX  USA
February 25, 2011
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It's ya boi Big Tite or simply just Tite formally of the legendary Texas underground group Chalie Boy and Tite. I'm back on the grind to put some good music back on the scene and see what magic I can come up with...all I can say is thanks for all the support and keep me strong out there so I can keep doing what I love and make music...1 Love!
Band/artist history
I've been doing music professionally since 1999. I hooked up with DJ Bull of Dirty 3rd Records, well at the time he didnt have a label he just did mixtapes for the college crowd. We got together with a bunch of other artist and used to do freestyles on his cd's but then he decided to get serious and we came up with the group The Freestyle Kingz which later gave u Chalie Boy and Tite and another popular group called The Wreckin Crew (Lil Sho, Bigg Redd and Ake). There also came Sir Coop and current artist Ryno who is still with Dirty 3rd. I later chose to make a career move and was signed to T-Town Music out in Dallas and joined the Dirty South Rydaz (D.S.R) and eventually we signed with Universal Records for a stint releasing 2 albums. As of now Im just working doing music being more hands on with my business and music.
Your musical influences
I began wanting to do music when I first heard NWA. I was influenced by alot of late 80's and early 90's hip hop. Now I respect any good music made by any artist, if a person has the balls to step out and just do what they do to finish with good product then I got nothing but love...fuk wut a hata gotta say