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Tanisha Luvly
Tanisha Luvly
November 20, 2010
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I'm Tanisha Luvly. I'm a singer/song-writer and a southern bell. My style of music is R&B and sometimes blended with rock. My voice is soulful. My songs are unique in the sense that I make my own rules. I'll tell the stories of a different type of chic. You could say I'm bratty, goofy or pretty damn bold when it comes to saying what's on my mind. But say I done it well, because I've put my heart & soul into this.
Your musical influences
I learned a lot about song-writing from listening to My Chemical Romance. I really admire Gerard and the way he writes with concepts and story-telling. When I write I try very hard to capture the truth so that is bold and obvious. I'm also a huge fan of Fefe Dobson's. I love her rock influence over me. And when I write I try to break some rules, and even some dishes. lol. Just because it's fun to be a punk-rock chic and scribble outside of the lines.
Anything else?
I'm here to build my fan base and to find new listeners. But most importantly I'm looking for the love and support from those who are music lovers like I am. I want people to feel me and my music and see that this is my craft. I hope they begin to believe in me and my ability to make meaningful music.
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