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Lynn Carey Saylor
Lynn Carey Saylor
Los Angeles, CA  USA
December 12, 2003
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LYNN CAREY SAYLOR is a BMI affiliated singer/songwriter/guitarist and founder of the Web site GUITARGIRLS.COM. She is also the co-owner of Los Angeles based commercial recording studio, SKIP SAYLOR RECORDING, known for mixing and/or recording work for such platinum selling artists as Gun n' Roses, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Boys II Men, Snoop Dogg, Foo Fighters, k.d. lang, DJ Quik, 2Pac, Elton John, Pink and many others. Lynn Carey Saylor's greatest passion in life is that of a songwriter. 10 of 11 songs on her new modern Pop/Rock CD, "YOU LIKE IT CLEAN" are written entirely by her (words and music) and she tackles such weighty subjects as racial tolerance (on her award winning song "IF WE BELIEVE" featuring BRIAN MAY of QUEEN) and drunk driving (on the emotional heavy rock ballad "I WASN'T A FRIEND"), but never seems to be preaching to you. Her songwriting style is one of thoughtful lyrics, expressive melodies, big dramatic chorus hooks, lush background harmonies and full bodied instrumentation, set off by modern production. Queen's Brian May also appears on the lone cover tune on Lynn's record, the 1984 smash hit for Pat Benatar, "WE BELONG." Lynn's version of the song boasts not only Brian May, but also the songwriters of the song, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro. For those who know Pat Benatar's big ballad interpretation of the song, there will be some surprise as to Lynn's much more rocked up arrangement of the song, a departure that was designed to set it apart from Pat's version and also to reflect Lynn's style and showcase the rock guitar sound and style of Brian May, who plays both lead and rhythm guitar on the song. Brian May also sings background vocals in the chorus with the song's writers and the photo below was taken in the studio as they were laying down their vocal parts for the song. (left to right) QUEEN's Brian May, Lynn Carey Saylor and "We Belong" songwriters, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro SEE THE "WE BELONG" PROMO VIDEO by clicking on the photo above. Shot in April 2006, the video features in studio footage of the recording sessions for "We Belong." Also at the page, read a special message from Lynn about why she recorded this cover song on her otherwise completely self-written album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I hadn't been for the longest while, but I am starting to get back into that now. I would ESPECIALLY like to perform over in the UK and Europe in general, where so many kind QUEEN fans have purchased my single with Brian May and pre-ordered my new record, "You Like It Clean."
Your musical influences
Like most people, I have a ton of influences I suppose for different things. For female songwriters, I would mention Diane Warren for the amazing catalog of songs and hits that she has produced over the last couple of decades. My favorite song by her would probably be the Toni Braxton hit, "Unbreak My Heart" - that's a brilliant ballad. Linda Perry is another female writer I take my hat off to. The songs she wrote/co-wrote on Pink's "Mizzunderstood" record were really great, hook laden Pop/Rock. The lovely ballad "Beautiful" she for wrote for Christina was very nice as well. For male songwriters, I love so many, but Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 is one that immediately comes to mind as a favorite (I think I love pretty much all his songs), also Don Henley for writing "Heart of the Matter" and many other great songs, John Lennon, Tom Petty, the Bee Gees wrote a lot of terrific songs... I am also really liking a writer by the name of Billy Mann these days, too. Pink's "God is a DJ" and Jessica Simpson's feel good song "With You" are two of his recent credits. My biggest female guitarist influence is Nancy Wilson of Heart. No female has ever looked better with a guitar in her hand and she can really play - particularly her acoustic guitar work - really wonderful! Another female guitarist I respect and enjoy immensely is Bonnie Raitt. Her command of slide guitar is something to be admired and she's got a great, Blues infused, "I've been around" voice that I just love. Although she didn't write it, she is the singer of one of my very favorite songs and delivers it like she did write it - "I Can't Make You Love Me." Male guitarists... I could go on and on to list those that move me with a guitar in their hands, but to name but a few of my favorites, I would include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Joe Perry, Jimi Hendrix, Jonny Lang, Steve Vai, Duane Allman, Angus Young, Keith Richards and Tom Morello (for his work with Audioslave).
What equipment do you use?
I co-own a professional recording studio in the Los Angeles area with my record producer husband, Skip Saylor, so I have access to a lot of great equipment. We currently have an SSL 9000J analog console, ProTools HD and too much outboard gear to mention here. There is an equipment list in a blog at Skip's myspace page here: http://myspace.com/skipsaylor For home recording and initial demoing of the songs I write, I program them using Steinberg's Cubase VST software on a MAC computer. I use a Sony C-800G microphone. I own several guitars and I recently signed an endorsement deal with SPG Guitars. Aside from my SPG Guitars you'll be seeing me play on tour, I also own a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, Gibson SG, Fender Strat and a Taylor Acoustic. I currently use a Line6 amp and also have a Line6 POD (guitar direct box).
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