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Trellie Matrix
Trellie Matrix
Trellie Matrix from Va beach Virginia age 23, is probably one of the better rappers you will hear this century. From clever wordplay, outstanding lyrics and morals and concepts...minus the boring talk and half-asleep stories, Trellie Matrix looks forward to having his music be more than just music. Thats why he isnt a rapper....he's a movie on CD. Listen to the words, Im sure everyone can relate to the lyrics, whether its a white guy from the suburban area, or a black guy surving on the streets. Trellie holds his tounge for no one, Trellie doesnt try to be like anyone but Trellie will listen to everybody!! So please, if you have any comments or suggestions just let me know because I dont rap to hear how critical and flawless I am lol I rap so people can get an understanding of what I mean when when I say MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTRIX!! For those who love action and thrills in their songs...Welcome to the matrix! I promise to do my best to keep you all entertained to my fullest extent! And if anyone says "Matrix sucks" then please please show me how to do better! thanks!! MATRIX!!!!
Band/artist history
No real history just yet, being that Im just getting started! But I will MAKE history!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I havent had the chance to perform anywhere. Im actually just getting started so if the question is will I ever play live, where, and will i have anty special moments, then HELL YEA!!! Im looking forward to it!!
Your musical influences
eminem, tupac, young jeezy, lil wayne, jay z,
What equipment do you use?
not sure.... you give me the equipment, I just bring the lyrics and start the fire
Anything else?