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Music is life -n- life is music!! Please be sure to leave comments and join our mailing list....
Peak in sub-genre #23
Concretecentral hails from Buffalo NY. The Western NY area is teeming with talented artists and producers alike. Concretecentral is steadily creating a local buzz and is aimed at providing a top notch (radio quality) sound for local artists and artists abroad! West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, Canada, UK, Germany, Concretecentral is working with producers co-producing for multiple genre's . Join our mailing list for info, and a chance to win some free tracks!!!
Band/artist history
Together we have been involved in one way or another with music. From the time we would mix and record on reel to reel, to salivating over a new mix board with built in echo lol. Music is life and we want to live!!!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have some pet project ideas for doing some local shows, but we need your feedback on the tracks that include lyrics. So please we welcome all comments... Music is the widest opinion shared by many!!!!
Your musical influences
From DJ Quick being born and raised in compton, to Doug E Fresh showing the world what a beat box is. When NWA told the world Fu** the police, to DJ Jazzy Jeff n The Fresh prince tellin us parents just dont understand. When 2Pac introduced us to Brenda and her Baby to the time when Biggie taught us what beef is, We have enjoyed and matured in music to the point where now it overflows out in our tracks!
What equipment do you use?
We use Pro Tools for recording and some sound engineering along with mixing and mastering. As far as Most production, we use Reason along with korg kontroll 49 studio controller, MPC, Motif, live guitar with or guitarist Basil. Rhode Nt1, with mackie onyx820i mic pre/mixer. Lots to list join our mailing list for more details.
Anything else?
As you all know The Goo Goo Dolls are from Buffalo. They used to play at the skydome on Seneca St. One time they left their van open while loading their gear. We seen a huge weed pipe in a bag and snached it. They chased us till we tossed the bag, (Contact lenses). One of them is blind lmao!!!!!