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Gold Coast, QLD  USA
November 06, 2010
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This is Daemoniac. I hope to have this EP (Aftermath) finished, or at least ready to be better mixed, by March 2011. Hope you enjoy the tunes, there is a written piece of the narrative in each of the songs main pages. Thanks, Mischa/Daemoniac
Band/artist history
Started with me making crap songs back in 2000 with Sony Acid and loops, then I proceeded to make crap songs using loops and FL Studio in 2004. After a couple of years the sounds got better but the songs remained pretty terrible until I think around 2008 or 2009 when I started "Shotgun Partisan" as a way to get some feedback on the half-decent (and later pretty good, if I may say so) tracks at the time. Shotgun Partisan is for me to experiment with, to practice and to work with things. Daemoniac is the new project; a focused experiment with which I hope to bring out this themed EP.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do not play live ;) It's just me and a laptop.
Your musical influences
Music in general. I think for this particular instance classical pieces and some of the dark-ambient bands of the 80s are my two biggest influences (Prokofiev's "Peter & The Wolf" is a big classical one, and Coil on the dark ambient front). I'm influenced by a lot though; everything from new wave to metalcore, powernoise to hip-hop to ambient. I hope it shows.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 9 with a whole crapload of free VSTi plugins, and my laptop. Drums are manipulated free loops or samples. I hope to get a copy of Superior Drummer 2.0 at some point.
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Gold Coast, QLD  USA
November 06, 2010
3,301 plays