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I've Died Daily
I've Died Daily
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We area band that is wholly devoted to Jesus Christ as Lord. We see this music as our unique way of fulfilling the great commission and also as a way for us to
Fracture 'Live at ROTM'
God pieced together this band. It started out with Chris and Sean one evening at a mutual friends house. Before this encounter they were nothing more than acquaintances. That night, Sean revealed to Chris that he was into writing music and Chris responded in kind. About a week later Sean and Chris get together for the first time and begin writing music. Fast forward six months - Chris and Sean have written a handful of songs and have grown in their friendship. Recognizing how much God has inspired them and how much they have seen God move in their lives, they decide to being auditioning musicians in preparation for shows. They draw up a list of friends they know that could potentially fill out the ranks of the band which is almost immediately obsolete. Enter Robert. Robert and Chris worked together yet hadn't invested time getting to know each other because they were in different departments. A coworker of theirs, being new to Christianity and excited, asks around the lunch table if everyone sitting there were Christians. Robert and Chris both declare Jesus as Lord of their lives and the ball starts rolling. Robert and Chris, now having something other than work in common, begin to chat it up. The conversation turns to music. They realize they have similar tastes in music and the revelation that both are musically inclined inspires Chris to have Robert come and audition. Sean and Chris are quickly impressed with Robert's talent and offer him a position in the band. He accepts the role and the trio being practicing and writing together. A few weeks later Ron "The Kid" gets tapped to come and audition for drums. All the current members of IDD are blown away with his gifts and he quickly gets added to the mix. Ron opens his home as a place to practice and the band really beings to pick up steam. Mid October 2009 Chris and "The Kid" start headhunting Jason Nawahine. Both Chris and Ron attend the same church as Jason and have seen his talent on many instruments. After some prayer and petitioning Jason gets added as bassist. Since the band started, many doors have opened and "I've Died Daily" has had 2 songs featured on "From the Dark" radio and has made some great connections throughout the music industry. "We are all excited to see God move and want nothing more than to serve His will with this brotherhood/ministry with all the days He grants us." -Chris
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live. We have had two shows thus far; one in Fremont, CA the other in Los Gatos, CA. We greatly enjoy the live experience and are hoping to be booking more shows very soon.