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Kevin C Winnick
Kevin C Winnick
9 Tracks
Obsessed with darkness. Can never get enough of the morbid side of life. I write songs with life as the inspiration.
Tears to Stone
Peak in sub-genre #9
Ghost Town
Peak in sub-genre #12
Slow Dance to the Apocaplypse
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Be as Quiet as You Can
Beautiful Prophecies in the Night (Leyla's Song)
I write music inspired by the circumstances cast upon me. I fully embrace the darkness within me, the same that is within everyone but tucked away like secret skeletons. Music has always been my release and my salvation. I never had the means to learn an instrument until 16, when my aunt and uncle bought me a guitar and paid for me to take lessons. Along the way my mom supported me by buying me various guitars and amps over time. After I seized taking lessons I formed a band with some friends, Alexander Wayne Mead, Dex Allen Dougherty, and Erik Fernandez. We wrote and perfected 10 ridiculous songs (many from which I have salvaged various riffs and melodies). Sadly the band fell apart before we ever even played a show. Now I write and record all my own music. I have no singing potential and hope to soon find a singer to write and record with. Eventually I hope to assemble a band and play one show, at the very least, before I die
Band/artist history
Once upon a time I had a band with some good friends. Admittedly the songs were very wild and borderline absurd. Nonetheless we had 10 songs ready to play but fell apart before we ever played even a single show. So now it's just me. I write and record all the music myself and am currently looking for a singer to lay down some tracks. After I have a solid album's worth of material fully recorded I'd like to assemble a band and play some shows.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do not yet play live. But that is my ultimate goal in life.
Your musical influences
Life is the greatest influence. Probably my biggest musical influence would be Otep or Marilyn Manson
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez electric guitars. Epiphone bass. Gregg Bennett design S 12 string acoustic. Digitech RP 155 effects processor. Edirol FA 101 recording interface. Audix mics. Kustom amp with Crate cabinet. FL Studio for drum programming, and Adobe Audition for recording, editing, and mixing.
Anything else?
I'm looking for a singer (not to be confused with screamer). Some screaming would be ok. Preferably I'd like a female singer, with lots of emotion and a good, strong voice.
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