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The Griptown Grindhouse
The Griptown Grindhouse
12 Tracks
The ignorant part of the show
Wanna see my stomach?
The GRIND House is a hip-hop duo out of Griffin, Ga that consists of Phat Baby and Johnny Anonymous. Phat Baby was born with a mic in his hand, literally. In fact, his parents were so shocked when they witnessed this anamoly that instead of realizing that this was a miracle, they thought that it was some sort of curse and in an act of sheer terror they took the little baby Phat Baby down to an old bridge and cast him into the frigid waters of a rushing river. After several days adrift he came ashore in a far away land. He would not be in peril long, however. For thirteen years he wasraised in the fierce jungle by the legendary and mythical tribe of the Wu-tang clan. Over that time he learned the art of the emcee and that being born with a mic in his hand did not make him a freak of nature, but a gift from god.Johnny Anonymous was born when a lighting bolt struck a virgin during a meteor shower and the stellar alignment of Virgo and Sagittarius. At first everything seemed normal about the little baby Johnny until one day his mother took him to a local talent showcase. During a particular performance, while a rapper was on stage, little johnny crawled up and on to the stage and then preceded to eat the rapper alive. Ever since he has had a ravenous apetite for rappers and can eat anywhere from 2-3 per week. Phat Baby and Johnny Anonymous used to be mortal enemies until recently they discovered that there is a giant asteroid headed straight for earth that will surely wipe out humanity and it can only be destroyed by the power of dope rhymes. You must love our music for the sake of humanity!
Band/artist history
Been here for years
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah. Fuck yeah. One time Phat Baby's pants fell down on stage and he just ran with it. Did the whole performance in his draws
Your musical influences
Anything can be influential
What equipment do you use?
Sonar all day! Fuck Pro tools
Anything else?
Hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday
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