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David Barnhart
David Barnhart
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Musitron String Quartet
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articulated random strings
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musitron strings
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One guy. Not young. Hair. Eyes. Teeth. Nose. Mouth. Arms, legs, hands, feet. Yes, one of those, and a couple of those, too. Let's see... oh yeah, brain, heart, liver...
Band/artist history
I was born, got a guitar, pissed off my parents and teachers. Managed to stay out of jail and debt in New Mexico. Not with the guitar, though. Out here we have rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas, black widow and brown recluse spiders, hanta virus and bubonic plague-carrying rodents, cougars, bears, wolves, coyotes, javalina, ...and most of that stuff is in the safer areas of the state; the cities are more dangerous. (Y'all come on out!) But I couldn't move anywhere else for long without suffering serious chile withdrawal. Some other NM natives I know have tried it, and they come back all weird, with money and stuff. Not for me.
Your musical influences
Organized sound waves which have fascinating timbral qualities, interesting harmonic progression, captivating melodic content, and motivating rhythmic buoyancy. Once in a while lyrical imagery dances playfully or paints tear lines down cheeks or fires old feelings off like they were the new day's joy or pain.
What equipment do you use?
Apple w/ Logic. Tascam FW something. It varies with the degree of time spent vs. results desired. Now I have been playing with Max/MSP/Jitter and Java just to further make the creative cycle a total solar orbit. Working on interactive music tools and a composition utilizing them for an upcoming multimedia project (music, robotic sculpture, w/ sensor interactivity).
Anything else?
Hi mom, hi bros, sis, kimmie, and all the people that got here by error and are too computer-challenged to figure out how to get a different page.
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