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Im from a Planet with Headphones on It. A Local Bay Area Rapper,also willing and in progress working on many different type genres. PJ(Tuxedo Black)Thomas is
Tuxedo Black Ft Peezy - Melting
Today #84 in Hyphy subgenre
Tuxedo Black - 1st One Get It Poppin feat C2Saucy
THATS THE WORD by Tuxedo Black ft.Shanti Maccn, Yu
Hollup By Tuxedo Black ft. Young Crane (2013)
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Born on the 25th of March 1991 in Richmond, California, Psalmon James "PJ" "Tuxedo Black" Thomas was thought to be your regular everyday kid down the block. Not knowing his true talent of music back then, he was just the quiet, shy, chilled & silly person in school. Around the ages of 7 - 10 he was introduced into the music game: watching his idol "The King Of Pop," Michael Jackson, and later from watching his dance/r&b inspiration, Usher Raymond, "the upcoming successful choir boy". With the words "Keep a Clear Mind, because IMPOSSIBLE is Nothing" he promised to live by and his new love of music & dancing, PJ dedicated his whole life to doing just that. With a life that moved & varied from places like Richmond, Hayward, Oakland, Sacramento, San Pablo, and El Derado Hills, CA, he adapted and learned from California living and inspired by its music movemnent. He's more of a punkrock rapper now, because today he is impressed by the punkrock sensation "The Pack" and the R&B/hip hop producer/singer "T-Pain". There's alot of energy, life, hopes & dreams in this kid. He looks up to all of his dear (close) family and friends, but his mother of all. "If it wasn't for Jesus Christ aka my lord and savior, I would've never made it this far. I was blessed with this talent to write and make music through him and it elevated from there. This all didn't happen by accident you know? And I may swear sometimes and talk about certain thangs that I shouldn't, but it's an expression and what I go through; I can't help it. But through it all, he's been there for me" PJ says. In 2004, at the age of 13, "FL STUDIO aka Fruity Loops" became a big thing in the music world. Thanks to PJ's brother "Dwayne Thomas Jr" and his play brother "Terrence" for introducing him to FL Studio, because now till its all he uses; he's really close to mastering the beat machine, its been FL STUDIO for 5yrs now here in 2009!!! And PJ is doing well; some of his 300+ beats/instrumentals are being sold to various artist and the music's getting better and better everyday. In 2007, Junior year at transfering from Oak Ridge high School, he joined a group called T2G, with 2-3 other members, at John Swett High School. Keishard, Yung Scoob, Weight, & PJ made up the group, T2G. He then went off on his on, curious, and met another, who was new to the school by the name of "Truth" aka Jonathan of Familia Ent. As time went by, one left from T2G and the two,"PJ & Truth" became members. PJ Thomas then produced and made hot tracks/hits for the whole group's debut mixtape called, "Turn It Up Mixtape Vol.1". The high schools loved T2G!! They performed parties, on many stages, had many performances, performed along side "The Pack, Young Bari & J Rock, D-Lo, A.O.B and many more, etc. He has also met many other artists like Laroo and the Jacka as well as his growing up buddies,"Da Trendsettaz". From time to time, he does what he has to do for the group and for himself to make it into the B.E.T/MTV spotlight. "I'm the hyphy, r&b, dancer, beat maker, producer, and the chorus writer of the group," PJ says. He's been doing really well multitasking and he believe's that's what everybody else needs to do; STOP HATING. "I would like to say to all my haters, thank you. Cause if there weren't haters, there will be no me. There would be no inspiration, and there will be no shine....for me. And...for my group TMC aka (Team Marville Clique). So yall do what yall do best and Ima do what I do best, make music," PJ says with a laugh. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/blackberrythomas#ixzz0zYUppStv
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I've played live in the Bay Area such as Ricmond,Vallejo,Pinole,Rodeo,A few Parties,Kinsenyetas etc. Info bout this ask me...
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