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Humba Rumba
Humba Rumba
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Humba Rumba play Soukous style dance music. Soukous originates from Congo and is sometimes called Congolese Rumba. It is music to dance to and involves intertwi
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Humba Rumba formed July 2010, from a group of experienced and profficient musicians who continue to gig regularly in a variety of other bands. The motivation was to play music to dance to, specifically Congolese Soukous music, which the band find hugely rewarding and stimulating. The Adelphi in Hull, showcased many original soukous bands from the Congo in the 90's which influenced the humba's style. What is the the style? Well its good time party/dance music which makes you smile. Technically the style is quite challenging, especially for musicians brought up on blues derived rock/pop music. The guitar patterns are rythmically precise and fast, the bass plays syncopated patterns that mimic congolese hand percussion and the drums hold everything together and signal the changes.
Band/artist history
The band comprises of 5 very experienced and capable musicians. we are all busy gigging musicians in other bands in many different styles and genres. The individual musicians were carefully chosen to play the soukous style because of their particular blend of expertise and instrumental style. I came accross soukous music first hand at the Adelphi in Hull during the 90's and was bowled over. Not just by the fantastic, joyous dance music, but also by the visual spectacle of it, which often included dancers as part of the band. On a couple of occasions I had the good fortune to be able to invite the band back to my house, Bozy bossiana orchestra anti choc being one of them. Playing my favourite soukous CD's various members of the band remarked 'that's me on this recording' , fantastic. Humba Rumba first got together July 2010, and have steadily built up an original set written with authentic soukous guitar patterns and song structures, but with English lyrics that reflect the experiences of living in Hull. It has taken time for the soukous sound to fully develop, and it is credit to the fine musicianship of the band and their willingness to embrace new styles that has put us where we are now. Where is that? A rare band, that plays original dance music in an authentic congolese style and plays it very well. If you have an occasion that would benefit from a high energy dance band with an authentic congolose flavour, we are the band for you.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we love to play live and get people dancing. Next gig adelphi Hull, august Ideal Bday party band or any occasion where dancing is wanted.
Your musical influences
Kanda Bongo Man. Nene Tchakou, Diblo Dibala, Rigo Star, Bozy Bossiana/orchestra anti choc, Franco
What equipment do you use?
fender srat, fender bassman, watkins copycat
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