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The saviors of True Heavy Metal!
2 - Roots Bloody Roots
Peak in sub-genre #11
3 - No Hope = No Fear
Peak in sub-genre #73
5 - New Millenium Cyanide Christ
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Alcatrox at SWU Festival 2010
We are the saviors of Heavy Metal. What do you want? A little pink elephant dancing and spinning with some yellow balls glowing in the background?
Band/artist history
A band that is alive since the 1992's Xmas, and started during a jam session of Well and Ze Burtao playing Roots Bloody Roots. Impressed with Well's outrageous growls, Ze Burtao asked him to record this song, and after the awesome results, they decided to make a band together. So they needed more members to become a real band, and then they recruited virtuoso soloist Augusto Sanches to handle the complex stuff of guitars, while Ze Burtao take care of the easy ones. Almost complete, the band needed a drummer. It was a hard task, due to the failure of several drummers attempting miserably to do a job good enough to join Alcatrox. Frustrated, the trio almost decided to break up the band, but suddenly, a light of hope appeared. The name is Fruity Loops, and he impressed everyone with his technique, and precise timing playing all the songs. And finally, the machine is now ready to decimate all the posers that blasfemates the Gods of Heavy Metal! Alcatrox is: - Vocals, lyrical terrorist, passion nigga, berimbau, sitar, soul - Guitars, bass, programing, and some vocals in the middle - Phantom guitars - Drums Alcatrox is a joke band that performs covers from several favorites bands of ours with more or less to poor quality, just for the fun to sing and play the songs that we all would like to do, someday. You don't need (and never should) take all of this stuff seriously. Just laugh and comment all the shit we do, and it's enough to make our days. =)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Certainly. I don't know about the other guys of the band, but I sing all the songs live in the shower. The most special moment playing live was when I said in the shower: "Let's save the world! Let's piss in the shower to save water!". And then I started to piss in the shower. It was very special.
Your musical influences
We like a lot of different kinds of music. Of course we wouldn't say we are "eccletic", because if we were "eccletic", it would include some shitty stuff like carioca Funk, Forró, 2000's Sertanejo, and Emocore. For influence, take the songs we use to perfom the covers as reference. Of course, there are tons of stuff we like, but to answer the question, I (Ze Burtao) preffer to wait for Well to appear to answer this question too, because I don't want to answer this alone as if I were the leader of the band.
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