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Galaxy Shinobi
Galaxy Shinobi
1 Track
|?(O_O)?|!pLeaSe PrOCeED W!TH xXxTR3M3 CAUTiON!|?(O_O)?| tHiS iS NOT YouR AvErAGe xXxCLUSi\/e STEEZE... |d_b| ECLETiC BeAT MaCHiNE...\/ersitLe InStrUmenTaL s
******Sean "DuHVon" Esquire******* The InStruMeNTaL /isuaL SpeciaLists -All Beats/Instrumentals on this SoundClick band page, (www.soundclick.com/galaxyshinobi), are under a leasing rights contract. -The beats/instrumentals on this band page may be used for one commercial use (Mix-Tape, YouTube, Concerts/Shows, etc.) -May Sell up to 2,000 copies if instrumental is used for song purposes.YOU MAY NOT RE-SELL THE ACTUAL INSTRUMENTAL! -May be used for Movie Scores/YouTube Videos, as theme/background music/sound efx. -For Questions for concerning exclusive rights contracts, please email galaxy.shinobi@gmail.com You may contact super producer "Sean Esquire" at galaxy.shinobi@gmail.com to obtain an EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS CONTRACT for any of the instrumentals. Thank You!! Copyright 2013. TriPP City Productions. ALL Rights Reserved. SeCReTLy PLoTTiN FoR tHiS ECLeCTiC TaKeO/ER!! (^_^)--- THE iNStRuMeNTaL SpeCiaLiSTs New Orlanta/egas (New Orleans-Atlanta-Las Vegas) (_q)NoT yOuR A/ERAGe xXxCLUSi/eNeSS (0_0)
Band/artist history
TriPP City Productions has been established for quite sometime and will continue to thrive, promote positive inspirational concepts, and be successful.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"Sean Esquire" occasionally does karaoke with his friends, breaking the ethics by "freestyling" instead of actually singing along with the song. Its quite hilarious.
Your musical influences
The Neptunes, Linkin Park, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Johnny Juliano, Superstar O, Daft Punk, etc...
What equipment do you use?
CPU, M-Audio Keyboard, beat boxing, Monster N-Tune Headphones, Monster Turbine Pro Headphones
Anything else?
Support the Movement Facebook www.facebook.com/TripTopics - 5,000+ likes TRiPP CiTy x GLOBE $QUAD -www.twitter.com/galaxyshinobi