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The Veit Club
The Veit Club
August 31, 2010
We are just a family who loves music. A man, his wife and his sons who want do in common what they love most. Though we don't even live in the same country - two of us live in Austria and two live in Switzerland - we spare no effort to share this special gift.
Band/artist history
Founded in spring 200 by Benny Veit (voc., git.), Julian Veit (voc. git.), Leo Veit (git., voc.), Sarah Veit (keyb.), Claudia Veit (bass) and Marvin Veit (drums). Recording of the first album "Outlines" in 2004. Sarah left the band by the end of the year. Release of the Album in 2005. Lots of gigs in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 2005 and 2006. Recording of the second album "a dedication" in 2007. Release of the album in 2008. Recordinga and release of the album "Let Go" in 2009. Marvin left the band by the end of the year and Julian started to play the drums.
Your musical influences
All the 70's rock stuff and a lot of more recent bands like Green Day, Angels and Airwaves, Blink 182, Sister Hazel, Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon, Barenaked Ladies, Lifehouse, Del Amitri, Matchbox Twenty ......
What equipment do you use?
Electric guitars: Gibson SG, Godin Freeway, Fender Jagmaster, Ibanez (70's Les Paul replicas) Accoustic guitars: Washburn Basses: Traben, Warwick, Aria Pro Guitar Amps: Marshall, Hughes&Kettner Bass Amps: Gallien Krueger Effect boards: Boss, Line6 Drums: Premier