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chILL (FI)
chILL (FI)
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chILL blends grunge driven rock and modern metal with a twist. Slightly psychotic vocals and monster metal riffs mixed with plenty of catchy hooks and beautiful
chILL - 'Madluck' teaser
chILL blends grunge driven rock and modern metal with a twist. Slightly psychotic vocals and monster metal riffs mixed with plenty of catchy hooks and beautiful melodies will keep you wanting more. Lyrics tell real stories of life, death, love, betrayal, hate, violence, addiction and alienation in a world that seems more and more chaotic every day. "In Your Spine" is chILL's new 2-song promo mixed by Miitri Aaltonen (MOKOMA, STAM1NA, VIIKATE, KOTITEOLLISUUS...). The release is promoting chILL's forthcoming album and giving everyone a little heads up of what's to come. "In Your Spine" is released through a fairly new finnish indie record label TWISTED ENTERTAINMENT. The label's first release was chILL's widely disputed debut album "controlled chaos" in 2008. chILL continues to divide people's opinions with "In Your Spine" by mixing catchy, grunge driven rock with modern metal in a very distinct way, that will surely be disputed by many but dismissed by none. The lyrics deal with loss of someone close and the release is dedicated to a dear, deceased friend of the band's. www.chILLinyourspine.com chILL is something entirely different... hate it or love it, just try to keep an open mind.
Band/artist history
The first line-up of the band was formed in 95, me on guitar and vocals, eero on bass (chIll's guitarist) and Tomi Rantakangas (chILL's former drummer) on drums. We were fifteen and none of us really knew how to play our instruments yet but we just started playing and writing songs. Very dark grunge with a definite punk attitude to it. At that point we were still calling ourselves "hateburn". I can't remember the exact time we changed our name to chILL but our first gig was at a local band contest in 97, which we won! Our music had took a step towards a more heavier, KoRn influenced sound and it totally blew everyone away cause in Finland no one had heard or seen anything like that before... atleast not yet. At that time the line-up was the following: me on vocals, Eero on guitar, Tomi on drums and my very good childhood friend Jussi Helminen on bass. Soon after the contest an another old friend Miska joined the group on guitar two, which brought a lot more melody to bands sound. We we're doing small shows and succesful band contests here and there until 2000 we finally recorded our first official demo "chILL" in a "real" studio. That familiar KoRn influenced sound is still very recognizable on the first demo. Soon after the demo we slowly started acquiring recording equipment, recording material and released an EP "the brighter the nights" in 2002. The EP could be described as melodic rap metal with some electronic elements added to it. In 2004 while recording the EP "what counts" we had to let our drummer and dear friend Tomi go (one of the hardest things we've had to do) who was replaced by Miska's little brother Mika, although much younger than the rest of us, already a pro and a totally unique style of playing. The critically acclaimed "what counts" had three songs of catchy and melodic hard rock / metal /punk. In 2006 our bass player and long time friend Jussi announced that he just doesn't have enough time for the band anymore... I kinda had seen it coming so we departed in total understanding without any hard feelings and we're still best friends. After testing out a bunch of bassists we eventually found the perfect one, Helend Jantsikene who was a familiar face in the local music scene. "Hellu" brought some much needed enthusiasm and new creative force to band. Hellu's backing vocals were also a welcomed addition to chILL's sound. We instantly clicked and found the same note and this finally perfected line-up meant a new beginning for chILL? We found ourselves training a lot harder and doing a LOT more shows than before. All in all 2000-2006 was pretty quiet, almost a silent time for chILL but it was time to break the silence with an explosion. It was time to activate and put some real effort into our art. We had gotten tired of knocking on record label's doors a long time ago so it was time to put the wheels in motion ourselves. We started writing and recording material for our debut album "controlled chaos" which we ended up releasing ourselves through our own label "Twisted Entertainment" in 2008. chILL's sophomore album is currently in pre-production.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
chILL was booked to PekiloRok 2010 in the last minute, just weeks before the event. It was a very pleasant surprise indeed for Pekilo's vibe has always been awesome. I can't even remember how many times chILL has played in PekiloRok (and too busy to check) but if I had to guess I would say that this is the fifth time. The last time was in 2008 at the time of chILL's debut album's "controlled chaos" release. So chILL playing in Pekilo is gradually becoming a tradition and we don't mind at all! We've also been shooting material for a music video on shows this year and PekiloRok has an excellent stage and some beautiful lights for one. We get chILL's soundcheck out of the way just before the doors open at 8pm. I gotta say that Pekilo's concrete halls acoustics aren't actually ideal for a rock concert but let's hope the mass of people will reduce the echoing a bit. The vibe behind the stage before the show is very good and strangely loose. About 9pm Janika announces us in and Miska heads for the stage first. The intro riff of the new song "The Last Time (Till The Next Time) starts floating around the air while boys climb the stage one by one and join the song. The song's mellow instrumental intro is almost over as I rush the stage just to notice that there's an empty spot on the microphone stand just where my microphone should be. I head back behind the stage to get Janika's mic and hurry back when I see that the stagehand has magically retrieved a fresh microphone to replace the missing one. All hail the stage gods! The microphone is wireless (no chance of unplugging the mic this time!). Basic messing around again and a show wouldn't be a show without some minor fumble. We start things of in a very finnish manner and that's by cursing of course: "PERKELE!" and it's game time. The sounds on stage are pretty clear and they got just enough kick to them. At times I have a little trouble hearing my vocals though nothing serious. The vibe is good and there's a lot of people in the crowd right from the start.The set stays brutal for the next songs are the progressive and beautiful "Rotten Apples" from the new promo "In Your Spine" and the slightly hectic "Shallow Waters" from chILL's debut album "Controlled Chaos". "Morreal" is one of chILL's new, heavier songs and will roll over you mercilessly if you're not careful. Still maybe a little rough on the edges but already a pure diamond "Pure Hearts And Dirty Minds" is faithful to chILL's hectic style: brutal, melodic, progressive, catchy and pure hit potential. What the hell is going on here? The crowd is obviously loving what they see/hear and although there's a fence and couple meters of empty space between the band and the audience the ambiance is dense. It's a great feeling doing what you love, knowing exactly how it's done and doing it with a style that's completely your own. It's all so organic and feels fucking fantastic. The shows we've done this year have gradually gotten better and better and this is clearly the best one yet. The old reliable "Manipulator" is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and won't let anyone down this time either. Then someone from the alcohol area (I think) shouts something original "play Paranoid!". We like to do what the audience asks so we kick off our own "Paranoid Like Me", a little KoRn like, and a very heavy song. No matter how fun the shows are, at the end of the set you find yourself thinking: "Whew, just a couple more songs". Body can take suprisingly much but after almost an hour of making different noises my voice starts to lose it's edge a little. Not enough breaks in the set to catch your breath. The older hit "Below", the new progressive masterpiece "Break Some More" and the fresh hit "Madluck" end the gig perfectly. "Madluck" would seem to be the song that at the latest gets the crowd moving and we do get the people going pretty pretty wild. Come on, come on! One last push and there it is! Whoa! That was an awesome gig in every way! Great video and photo footage and based on the feedback from the audience they were totally loving it. Can't help but feel satisfied and with a pure heart and a light mind it's easy to relax at the backstage for a while before heading out to the crowd. This years Pekilo's stage lights are in a league of their own. The blaze of colors is just dazzling and it shows on the pictures and video. A very succesful PekiloRok indeed and I dont think anyone attending disagrees. -Jouni Rantanen / chILL
Your musical influences
The first artist I remember listening to was Michael Jackson when I was like seven or so but music wasn't yet really that important to me until I was fourteen and I heard Nirvana's song "rape me" and the album "in utero" for the first time. It hit me so hard that suddenly everything changed. It was something I had never heard before and it just totally blew me away. I somehow now knew what I wanted to do with my life. It was actually Miska, chILL's guitarist who introduced me to Nirvana. We had been best friends since babies and both started playing guitar about the same time but always had our own musical projects cause both wanted to be the next Kurt Cobain and there can be only one! Of course other grunge labeled bands of that era were a huge influence too and still are. The next huge thing for me was KoRn, again something totally different from what I had heard before and just really weird. For me It was Somehow a logical transition from grunge to nu-metal. I had always thought metal was somehow too testosterone-filled, too serious or narrow minded but now it was suddenly something interesting and new for me and I started getting more into metal. At that time I started developing an interest towards hip-hop too (for obvious reasons). Marilyn Manson's "anti-christ superstar" album was a huge influence too, especially lyrically. Nowadays I pretty much try to listen to, as well as let myself be influenced by all types of music. If the song is good it doesn't matter in what category someone has placed it.
Anything else?
There are so many bands around these days and many that sound so much alike, that a lot of great music just gets lost in the grey mass. Everything sounds the same and everyone loses interest. For many it feels like there's only one right way, standard or formula of making music and when they hear something different they automatically reject it. In my opinion people should listen to all types of music without prejudice or pre-conceptions and just form their own opinion about it. It really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it's enough if you like it. Now and then someone succesfully creates something different, original and innovative and everyone else starts copying it and just wear it out and soon it becomes the same grey mass as all the rest... but I guess that goes with all entertainment. Most people are happy just recycling the same old melodies and styles without even trying to add something of their own to it, something original.
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