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Susan D Wiseman
Fayetteville, GA  USA
December 05, 2003
352,127 plays
" The Tribute Lady " Honoring & Remembering those who have touched my life, stirred my heart & soul, moving me to song. May we "NEVER FORGET" Welcome to the Music Ministry of... Susan D. Wiseman " The Tribute Lady " Just me, my heart, God & a piano...and, life's joys, heartaches & moments. "Christ-Centered Pieces" - Given Gifts P.O. Box 1591 Fayetteville, Ga. 30214 Susan has been writing Songs for 50 years, primarily Christian and melodic love songs, all based on her deep faith in God & inspired by deeply emotional experiences in her life. There are 100+ songs available to Stream/Download freely. "I can only write when led & inspired. I am NOT a musician, just a housewife, mom of a wounded soldier, from a family who's lost a loved one to war ( My cousin, SP4 Guy Lamar Mears, Jr. - KIA - Vietnam ) loves life, God & family ... and, has a passion for piano." My ability to write lyrics & melodies is nothing except a "Gift Of Song" from God, and, I am called to give back to this world...by sharing my simple songs from my heart, with anyone desiring to hear them. After learning of the disaster in New York, Susan wrote the 9/11 song, known as God Will Prevail - "The Victim's Anthem," expressing her thoughts and emotions as she watched the tragedy unfolded the day before. The beautiful chord structure and effects are incredibly moving. It is her wish that all the victim's, their families, firefighters, police, rescue workers, and, military could all receive a copy of this song, with hopes that it would be a comfort to them...and...give them inspiration. It is also her desire that this song be available worldwide for anyone desiring to hear it. First offered as an online condolence to the families & our GREAT NATION ... within a 1 1/2 years, it was apparent that God was leading Susan into a Full-Time Music Ministry. Having now answered the call, performing by request, on a volunteer basis ... Susan shares her "Gift Of Song". After having written many Tribute songs over the last few years, Susan became known as " The Tribute Lady ". AWARDED - "It Is The Soldier " CD 2005 - CD of The Year AWARD Presented by The Military Writer's Society of America. The title song, "It Is The Soldier" ... is now the foundation of Susan's Online Music Ministry in support of our troops. Now, performing for Soldiers, Veterans & Active Duty Police, Firefighters, Rescue Workers, 9/11 Dedications, Military Conferences, Churches, Weddings, Memorial Services, Pearl Harbor Survivor's Association, Vietnam Traveling Wall, Vietnam DUSTOFF Medivac Helicopter Members, and, by request for the 9/11 Families for the 5th Anniversary Remembrance Events at Ground Zero in New York, as well as performing LIVE at The Vietnam Veteran's Wall in Washington, D.C. for the opening events of the 25th Anniversary of the wall in Nov. '07. Susan is now accompanied by her husband, Larry S. Wiseman on Trumpet ... with over 50 years of professional experience. Larry previously played for many name acts over his 20 Music Career ... and, in Aug. 2006 performed our national anthem LIVE at Shea Stadium. Susan & Larry are honorary members of The Vietnam DUSTOFF Association, of which Larry is the Chaplain. Larry is now an Honorary member of Dept. of Veteran's Affairs - Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Memorial Services Detachment. Together, with their love of God, family & our nation ... showing their support for their son, SPC David Dale who returned wounded from IRAQ, TBI brain injury ... and, in HONOR of ALL our troops! DEDICATED TO GOD AND NEVER ENDING FREEDOM!! May something you hear be a blessing to you & your's and, lead to Christ! " I Sing For An Audience of ONE...ONLY FOR HIM!" " I'm in the Army...of...THE ONE! " " The Tribute Lady " www.TheTributeLady.com
Band/artist history
Susan D. Wiseman - Keyboard, Vocals, Composer/Lyricist Just a housewife, now 64, I am married and the mother of four children, 6 grandchildren. I'm not a musician, just a lover of God, piano and music. My music is a gift..."What we are is what God gives to us, What we become, is our gift to God." My music is my gift to the world. It is my ministry, called, "Christ-Centered Pieces"-Given Gifts. Cd's are available on request, No Charge, as God provides. I had 6 months of piano lessons at the age of 13 when my church donated an old upright piano to me. One year later, we had to give it to a family member because we moved into a small rental home. I spent the next 15 years of my life dreaming of owning a piano. Then, at the age of 28, a friend gave me another old upright...and, the rest is history. I've been writing ever since. I've don't read or write music. I simply "piddle", as I call it...and, when I hear something I like...well, then the words and melodies just come. I've written some 200+ songs over the years, and, since I don't read music, I have to play them over and over to memorize them. If I quit playing them, I forget them on the keyboard. All songs are copyrighted and recorded. I have now been blessed with an incredible keyboard, a new digital recording studio machine. I hope over time to record them all. All my music is either based on personal experiences or prompted by God. Since my first online site at IUMA.com, and, having passed over half a million downloads from all the sites in 2005 with my songs, I AM SO OVERWHELMED & SO BLESSED! I can't even begin to tell you how the many comments have blessed my soul! As you listen...May something I do, say, sing, or write...bless you, your's and draw you to Christ! "I Sing For An Audience of One...Only For Him," "I'm in the Army...of...The One!" " The Tribute Lady " www.TheTributeLady.com Contact ... susandwiseman@yahoo.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performances are by request, strictly on a volunteer basis.
Your musical influences
John Denver probably had the most impact on me. However, I was raised on country, gospel...I prefer to write soft, melodic songs.
What equipment do you use?
Techic SX PR900 keyboard
Anything else?
"What we are, is, what God gives to us, What we become, is our gift to God." "All we have...is...what we give away." " All we are ... is ... what we leave behind." When I leave this world, I leave ... "My Gift of Song" Susan D. Wiseman
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