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Caffeinated Superheroes
Caffeinated Superheroes
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Caffeinated Superheroes, Fun times with bad odors!
Beach Party
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For Better
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Mac and Cheese
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Ground Breaker
Peak in sub-genre #7
Lifetime Guarantee
Peak position #15
From the people who came up with the idea of a pancake sandwich, comes Caffeinated Superheroes! Get ready to say "Egads!" as these superheroes woo you with their catchy tunes and then have no shame to ask you for change. With that said, check them out and have some fun. GOOD time fun, BAD time smell that's Caffeinated Superheroes.
Band/artist history
The Story Behind the Glory Once upon a time there was a world filled with teen-angst and fake people. One day a peasant called the Mighty One was walking along a brush, when it suddenly went aflame!!! Terrified, he leaped in back of a boulder and waited until the brush calmed down. Minutes later, the burnt brush revealed a coke can with an inscription placed in front of the can. It read "For those who consider themselves worthy, drink now and forever change the future...and stuff..." The peasant didn't have anything to lose, so he took a sip of the can and suddenly lightning bolts from the sky struck him over and over again. When the Mighty One awoke he felt great. In that world feeling good about yourself was a crime, so right away the policemen on aardvarks came trotting in, yelling at the Mighty One. The Mighty One dashed away knowing that the can had given him "good vibe" powers and as of that moment he had begun to spread this joy...somewhere...or some ...uhhh thing...yes. As the Mighty One walked along he soon met up with other people and things that shared his dream from all around the land. First he met Dar Dar the dwarf, whose paintings and ideas were destined to change the world.......yes. Second, he met Greaser Steve as he crashed his motorcycle into a boulder...yes. Then came the twins Teen angst and Evin Owden. Teen angst was going through a rough time so he didn't mind joining the crusade. Evin Owden was in handcuffs because he threatened to eat his hands. So along went the Mighty One, Dar Dar, Greaser Steve, Teen angst and Evin Owden to the vast wilderness. They all then drank out of the magical can of soda of course!....yes. While in the forest the heroes heard a disturbance in a near by tree. There were two animals arguing up on a branch. These were no ordinary animals because they had the ability to speak! Teen angst called them down and introduced everyone. The animals' names were The Pigboy Jaime and Ronnie the skunk. They got along quite fast so both of these super animals drank out of the can and along they all went again. The seven heroes now arrived in the Forbidden City. This was a dirty city filled with corruption and deception. As they walked along an alley two men came in and tried to beat up the heroes. The battle lasted long because one of them knew kung- fu! Evin Owden then ended the battle by yelling so loud, everyone just had to stop fighting. The two hit men then introduced themselves. There was the Boner...yes, the Boner was his name due to his insatiable need for uhhhh...cats....yes. Then there was the Mexican Ninja. He had learned his arts through ABI...the American Bad-ass Institute. To their astonishment, they all seemed to get along so once again The Mighty One offered them a drink of the mystical can. The band of friends were walking now, with no real place to go when they saw a homeless bum drumming on trashcans. The Mighty One looked into the can and saw that there was only a little left, so he offered it to this trench-coated bum, and so the bum drank. His trench coat then shimmered! Minutes later the black trench coat turned into a golden cape and he offered them his friendship. The can was now empty as the scripture on it changed. It now read "NO MORE HERE...UHHH GO OFF NOW AND SAVE THE WORLD....AND STUFF....YES." So now this band of ten friends walked around without a care in the world until they met the evil queen. The evil queen of gossip had been watching over these friends infuriated because of the happiness they were spreading. She then ordered her guards to capture them and bring them to her. The guards did as they were told and soon all ten heroes were now trembling as the queen suggested a bet. If these ten heroes could guess how many fingers she was hiding behind her back, then she would let them free....yes. The heroes knew that this was a trick question because the gossip queen had tentacles. As the Mighty One smirked and began to answer, Evin Owden leapt up and cried the number four. The Boner then looked at Evin Owden with confusion and the Ninja slapped him in the face. The queen laughed and banished them to another dimension. The ten heroes were now being shoved into a portal and away they went...into another world....another version of earth....maybe it wouldn't be so bad. The heroes landed on top of a seven-foot mouse. His name tag said "Mickey" on it so they assumed it was a mutant. They beat up the mouse and were kicked out of the mouses' home called Disneyland. They walked around until they knew where they were...ANAHEIM. To stay alive they all got jobs in the weirdest places. They then decided to buy some instruments to kill time. They got pretty good and decided to get some real names so everyone would stop looking at them thinking they were freaks. They took the monikers of Bobby, Justin, Chris, Frankie, Steve, Kevin, Jaime, Ronnie, Mark and Jamal...and now they all await for the day that the portal will open once again. Until then, they will be known in this universe as the..... CAFFEINATED SUPERHEROES!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Anywhere. Love it. Every moment.
Your musical influences
Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats, JFC, The Hippos, Save Ferris, Homegrown, Blink 182, Run DMC, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Dixie Chicks, Brittany Spears...and uhhh gotta have Michael Jackson in the mix!
What equipment do you use?
the ZBDERT 3000...blows your mind homey!
Anything else?
Anything?...hmmm, CRACK IS WHACK!
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Stardust (Rick Ross x Nipsey Hussle Type Beat)