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Highbrow pop art akin to Mercury Rev, early Radiohead or Sunny Day Real Estate, crossed with the pop sensibilities of Third Eye Blind and the arena grandeur of
Down Towards The Healing
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LOVEDRUG is a band, more aptly put, lovedrug is a cerebrial and aural pool whereas one or two or more creatures of any purpose and goal can stop and enjoy the tendencies of our musical liquid. It is different for all. For some the pool is cool and calm, laced with beauty and serenity; For others it is a place of sadness and rememberance of times long past but still to come; For others it is a place of instruction and musical fortitude; For others it is simply a means to.. how shall we say?.. "rock"; The poetry of our times is fleeting and for some the sounds take them to another land. Whatever the reason and whatever the purpose the time you spend is up to you. Some have been wading by the pool since the beginning, others have come and gone... but they will return. The pool keeps growing and soon it will reach you where you live and by no stretch of the imagination believe us, it will overtake you.
Band/artist history
Like many great bands, there is something hauntingly spiritual and honest about Lovedrug. The Ohio-based rock band delivers highbrow sound akin to Spiritualized, Sunny Day Real Estate, or Muse, crossed with the pop sensibility and arena grandeur of Queen. A unique crossbreed of art and accessibility, powerful melodies are driven by smartly crafted lyrics of truth, intrigue, love, death, and damn near everything in between. Only those who have seen the band live can truly understand the growing phenomenon that is Lovedrug. Regardless of how cliché it may sound, Lovedrug live is truly less a show and more an experience. In playing to a variety of audiences (the band has shared the stage w/ Cat Power, Creeper Lagoon, The Killers, Elliot, Twothirtyeight, The Casket Lottery & Noise Ratchet, to name a few), Lovedrug have won over virtually every audience theyve met. Formed in June of 2002, Lovedrug is the brainchild of Michael Shepard and Adam Ladd. Both artists of some pedigree, the two friends joined forces in several previous avant-garde projects including the widely respected Kerith Ravine. Rising above the indie-rock contour of Kerith, Shepards current vocal melodies breathe a grand soundscape in a tender but bloodcurdling timbre. Ladds bass in turn securely moors the projects course, providing quality arrangement to Shepards guitar and piano innovations. Longtime friend but first-time contributor David Owen became Lovedrugs full-time lead guitarist in July 03, bringing his own accomplished creative presence in both writing and performance. Matthew Putman, a phenomenal writing and touring drummer (Ester Drang, Unwed Sailor), completes the bands permanent lineup. In less than 2 years, Lovedrug have gone from start-up to standout on the mid-western rock scene. Lovedrug recorded a self-titled 5-track demo, selling out two pressings within three months of its July 02 release. Such interest led to further preproduction and early 03 saw the band head into the studio with producer Tim Patalan (Sponge, The Fags, Peter Searcy) with astounding results. Those lucky enough to hear the full-length results frequently give it the nod for best first record by any band in recent memory. Hinting at the full-length to come, the band released the 6-track Rocknroll EP in summer 03 to overwhelming acceptance. Clevelands Scene magazine hailed Lovedrug as the #1 band to watch in 2004, describing live favorite Down Towards The Healing as one of the most affecting songs of the year -- local or otherwise. Numerous college and independent radio stations picked up the record for regular airplay, leading to dozens of top rankings coast to coast, from Hartford, to Milwaukee, to Seattle. Various incarnations of the full-length album, christened Pretend Youre Alive, began to cause a stir among insiders and music industry types. A&R reps from major and indies alike began appearing at Lovedrug shows over the summer. By the fall interest in the band had reached a fevered pitch, with a showcase at NYCs legendry Bitter End fanning the flames. Reps from virtually every significant label system attended the bands sold-out CMJ appearance at Dons Hills in October. In the suits on the loose stage that followed, Lovedrug was approached in earnest by a number of labels. Appreciating the volatility inherent to the music biz, the band carefully weighed offers from both major and indie labels, searching for a reliable partnership that would successfully launch their career while still affording Lovedrug that ever-elusive element of control. In the end Lovedrug spurned conventional wisdom, passing on a major label offer, signing instead with mighty-indie The Militia Group. Spring 2004 sees Lovedrug preparing for the impending storm, with preparation for the official release of Pretend Youre Alive in late summer in full gear. The band made their first trips to the L.A. area in April for Militia Group showcases and will tour with label mates Copeland throughout the spring. Support slots on the Braid tour and headlining appearances in regional strongholds, where excitement for the release of Pretend is immeasurable, will mark the summer. Full tour support slots and a co-bill college tour with Unwed Sailor in the fall will follow
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play shows all over this sometimes God forsaken country in a variety of venues. All of the moments are special, especially when we get to play with and meet some of our own musical heroes.
Your musical influences
We find our influence from situations that surround us daily such as mental collapses and vitamin deficiencies. However, some of the bands we are privy to listening to are as follows, in no specific order: Bjork, Queen, Modest Mouse, Led Zepplin, Jeff Bukley, the Flaming Lips, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Stina Nordenstam, Sarah McLachlan, Thid Eye Blind, Rufus Wainwright, Mazzy Star, Nada Surf, Stereophonics, Mogwai, Mercury Rev, Beck, Elliot Smith, Def Leppard, the Smashing Pumpkins, Doves, ... I guess that covers some of it.
What equipment do you use?
Lovedrug uses and endorses the following equipment, in no specific order: Orange Amplification, Mesa Amplification, 70's Fender Telecaster Deluxes, Gibson guitars, Taylor, Takamine, Maxon pedals, Boss pedals, Roland keyboards, Pearl, Evans, Zildjan... so on and so forth.
Anything else?
Help us. We will frighten thee.
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