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Early Days of Shane
Early Days of Shane
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Early Days of Shane, refers to 1995 thru 2005. These were the discovery years that I recognize as the days of which I learned to put written songs in album form
Gentle Man by Shane O'Brien
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Whats Up With That? Acoustic/Electric
Press Kits at http://www.reverbnation.com/shaneobrienandobriensedge A New Feature Web Site at www.obriensedge.com/blog/contact/ The Story Behind The Song The Story Behind The Song is a new feature of the obriensedge.com web site. So far there are 3 installments of unique stories regarding songs: Its Safe To Be You, Chapter 2 _ Thats The Way and Chapter 3 _ The Bluesman. Chapters are loaded with photos highlighting each story, how the song came about and developed to be what it is today on albums by Shane OBrien and OBriens Edge. Some Chapters you may find two recorded versions in the Chapters display of that particular song. 1 version of the song as it was originally being written/recorded and the 2nd rendition may be Shane playing it for that Chapter featured as it's highlight. There may be many folks who read and see this new feature and say to themselves Hey I took that picture or I recorded that track with him or I was at that gig. To those particular friends I say Don't fret, I don't forget"
Band/artist history
Go To www.obriensedge.com/blog/ for a complete Bio of our music. View Live Performance videos and photos complete with descriptive s by the Artist.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Oh so cool is this info. Shane is schedule to appear as Guest on The Watt From Pedro Show aka TWFPS on line search key word. Mike Watt has been Hosting and Producing this show for years. I've listen to many of his shows and enjoy them every time. I always appreciate the back and forth down home discussions Brother Watt has with all his Guests. The 3 13 2012 is something special indeed for me as I am Mike Watts Guest for that Show. Wow indeed. We will talk music, spin both of our favorite records and it's not hard to tell, especially if you ever been around me and or know me who my favorite is... Also note that since this will be taped at my studio, The Jungle, there is more than likely a great chance for some live music to occurs as well. The air time will be posted most likely sometime before the end of the week folks, so stay tuned for something I feel is awesomely cool... That's why I share these things with you all... Shane O'Brien
Your musical influences
John Lee Hooker, B B King, Buddy Guy, Jimi, and Led Zeppelin
What equipment do you use?
Everything and anything I think we all need to get it across right...
Anything else?
"Just do what you do and say what you mean to say every day and make it count"
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All Bad
Don't take it personal
Mask On
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