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Minority South
Minority South
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This elite team has established a unique style of flow, rap, harmony twist, to a Southern Hip Hop funk pop mainstream sound. Each individual's diverse style is
What's the dealie YO? Aight Minority fans here's the deal - Minority has signed a deal with Sony / BMG. They're have a collective collaboration releasing in March of 2005 along with the following Sony artist: Salazar, Cuatro, Diamante, Don V.A., Fern... Its all Hip Hop latino. The album is entitled "SYNDICATO"... I know what you're thinking.. Minority is an English Hip Hop group, they also are Bilingual, and releasing two different albums... English and Spanish Hip Hop-
Band/artist history
Fan mail has been piling up since late April 1996 when they began performing all across South Florida. Launching a successful educational Hip Hop website (www.infinite777.com) has made them neighborhood celebrities. Their high-energy performances not only attracted fans, it awestruck an internationally televised morning show, Univision's Despierta America ( a Spanish morning television show) In September 2000, they invited MI to be the opening act for a MDO and Shakira. This gave a sky rocketing boost to the number of hits on their website. Numerous requests from all over the world were being made requesting photos, performing dates and sending fan letters. Resulting for them to perform in several events such as Merrill Lynch, Y-100 Wing Ding Concert, Deerfield Beach Auto Show, Caliente, Jive Jones, Billboard Live, and an overwhelming number of night club and events just to mention a few.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do Perform Live. ITS WHAT WE DO... entertain.. we put on a show... we bring our B-Boy Crew with us everywhere... check them out at www.infinite777.com
Your musical influences
What did you expect? Another one of those " I've been through the worst days and struggled all my life " stories. Lets face it, we've all gone through tough times, especially for these Minorities. But these three intense hot artist from the South aint NO JOKE! They don't weep about hard times, they grow as individuals, and become stronger as a group. "To survive in this music game you gotta be persistent, devoted, and always try to stay on top". This is exactly what these boys have established since 1995, building a portfolio full of catchy hooks, Sounds and lyrics. Their lyrics and approach in sound is mostly dedicated to women unlike the majority of Hip Hop albums. Most Hip Hop artist feel that to keep a hard-core edge, they need to down grade women & promote violence in their lyrics. Unlike these young B-boys, they are blazing, raw & bad ass without the promotion of hate, violence, or mistreatment of women. They instead use their talent to write memorizing lyrics, and captivate us with their smooth R&B sound. This talented trio is speaking out for those thugs, gangsters & hardcore fellas who don't know how to express their feelings towards woman without feeling soft and letting go of their pride. MI has mastered tight harmonies, club jumping, hit tracks, that are blazing with everyday life perspectives from love to chilling with the crew. Take my word for it, men & women all over the world will be relating to MI's music. Boys & girls of all ages will be holding up MI posters, photos & CD's ready to be signed while dancing to MI tracks.
What equipment do you use?
We started off in 1995-96 with a JS30, A 30 second sampler, recording vocals off a DJ set, shit sounded super low quality, but the beats were hot. In 1997 we were introduced to the KORG Trinity, we made our beats off that keyboard & we midi the Trinity through an MPC2000. We recorded into 32 track system, using DA88 tapes till 2000. In 2000 we started to use the MPC2000 midi through a KORG KARMA, most of our beats were made from that keyboard, to record our vocals we used a YAMAHA 4416 digital board... this machine is off the chain...since 2002 we've been using Pro Tools for vocals and we still use the Karma, Trinity, & the MOTIF to make beats... sometimes we use ACID PRO... it depends.. We really don't care as long as the shit sounds hot!!! Can't give away all our secrets... don't bite!!!
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