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Jeffrey Jack
Solo acoustic guitarist/vocalist, performing in the D.C. Metro area. Also, lead electric guitarist for Engine14, a classic rock band.
3 songs
62 plays
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
After Midnight
Past The Point of Rescue
From Hal Ketchum's 1991 debut album on Curb Records, certified Gold by the RIAA.
In addition to performing as a solo acoustic guitarist/vocalist, Jeff is the lead electric guitarist for a D.C. area classic rock band, Engine14. Jeff first learned to play guitar in Geneva, Switzerland, where he received his preparatory education at the International School. After acquiring his first electric guitar, a used sparkle-green solid-body Framus, Jeff played from time to time with other aspiring would-be rock stars at school, performing occasionally when opportunities arose. His primary guitar influence during that formative period was Alvin Lee of Ten Years After, a band he saw perform live several times. Upon returning to the United States in the early 70s, Jeff bought his first professional quality instruments, a 1974 Fender Tele Deluxe guitar and a Ampeg VT-22 amplifier, of the type favored at the time by the Rolling Stones. At the College of William and Mary, he formed a band, Spellbound, with some fellow undergraduates, playing Top 40 material full-time with them during summer vacation at bars, hotel lounges, restaurants, and NCO Clubs on military bases. Then came law school at the American University, followed by full-time employment, and job transfers to Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, and back to D.C. Jeff's recreational pursuits include riding motorcycles, and digital photography. He has toured New Zealand and Northern California by motorcycle, and speaks fluent French.
Band/artist history
Engine14 goes back to December 2002 when four DC-area work buddies---Rob (drums), Jeff (lead and rhythm guitars), Jerry (bass), and Dave (lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar)---formed the band. Job reassignments in 2003 and 2004 took away Jerry and Dave, but in early 2005, Jeff and Rob found Stan to play bass, and Patrick for lead vocals and rhythm guitar, bringing Engine14 back again to a solid, capable lineup. The new foursome played their first gig in June 2005 and went on to perform a dozen more times over the next year. In July 2006, job reassignments yet again reached in and pulled away Stan "The Man", a big loss, but we were able to snag Gary, a bass player who also plays for a DC-area bluegrass band, Dirty River. After a great year with E14, Gary moved on, and in stepped John to cover bass. John performed with the band until August of 2010, when other commitments obliged him to step down. The band's most recent additions are Harry on bass, and Alec on keyboards.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As a solo performer, in D.C. area coffee shops. With Engine14, at D.C. area venues ranging from the D.C. Convention Center to local bars and restaurants.
Your musical influences
60s and 70s rock.
What equipment do you use?
Jeff's stage equipment includes several guitars--Gibson ES-335, Fender Strat Ultra, Gibson Les Paul, James Tyler JT-59 Variax, Ovation Legend 12-string, Martin OMC-Aura, Rainsong JM-1000, custom Emerald X5 Life travel guitar with color-changing chameleon paint finish--a Mesa-Boogie Mark IV amplifier with two Mesa speaker cabinets, a Mesa-Boogie TA-15 amplifier with a DV Mark MiniTwelve cabinet, a custom pedalboard with effects by boutique builders Area 51, Wampler, and AnalogMan; Klotz and Lava cables, an Electro-Voice N/D767a dynamic vocal mic, and a Audio-Technica ATM-710 condenser stage vocal mic. As a solo performer, Jeff plays through a Fishman SA-220 SoloAmp line array amplified speaker system.
Anything else?
Jeff is endorsed and sponsored by Steve Clayton, Inc, manufacturers of custom guitar picks and other accessories: www.steveclayton.com
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