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Cry for Help Kit Mann
Cry for Help Kit Mann
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Just me and some musicians that volunteered to perform on my cd. It is a mix of acoustic soft music and electric blues/rock music, country, instrumental.
It is just me and the musicians that volunteered to play on my CD for me. Title of the CD A Cry For Help, is one of the songs on the cd. Since I am disabled it made and easy choice of the title, since the song is about me.
Band/artist history
I started playing when I was 16 years old. My neighbor taught me my first songs, Proud Mary, and Johnny B. Good. I started writing songs as soon as I could. Some good, most bad. I found that my voice was not good enough to play a lot of cover tunes so I work on my own songs, those I can sing. My job choices in life left little time for playing, but I squeezed it in when I could. No being disabled I have the time and I'm working on my next cd. It will take a while, but I will continue to try.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play in coffee shops and campgrounds. I also played at the Fayette Co Fair and private parties, and opened for a friends cd release. I have not played out for 2 years since my last chest surgery. I'm working on trying.
Your musical influences
Jim Croce, Eagles, Boston, REO, Journey, Styx, Bad Company, BB King, Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy,
What equipment do you use?
Ovation guitars, Devlin guitars, Oscar schmidt bluesman guitar, Crate GFX 212, Pod Plus Pedal, Bluesman Mic, Kustom PA, Lexicon interface, guitarband and logic express, Mac Mini computer.
Anything else?
I just want anyone to hear my music and if they like it down load it free. If I can touch one person, with one song then I did my job.
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