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Im a real cool, artist, addicted and dedicated to music. I first started doing music around the 6th grade but was shy to let people hear what I had to say. I wo
J-Ro - Gettin' On It
My, Name is J-RO I was born and Raised in Austin, Tx. I am the son to my mother Margaret Collins, Love her with all my heart she was a single mother the whole time...I have grown up with a lot of struggle and pain, and all i want to accomplish on this earth is to live successfully and let the world hear my pain through my music. I have a song for everyone only if you just listen. I never try to be someone that I am not. So i strive to be me, but even in that there are consequences, when will the better come for me is all that i continue to ask my self, and it will one day is all i keep repeating. Just listen to my music and enjoy it is all i ask. Thank J-RO
Band/artist history
I have been rapping and singing for a while now but i guess the 8th grade is really when i start putting it to a pen and pad. Even after that i was scared to let anyone hear what i had to say. So at 17 I started going to the studio and putting my music online, once i got the great feedback, i started doing it even more but its been something that i have been wanting to do for such a long time now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I wish that i could perform for people but i guess i just haven't reached that step in the game yet...but if anyone want to provide any shows i will be down to do any!
Your musical influences
I have one sister, Girlie Castro, she is my main influence she always pushes me to do what I need to do to be successful in what i want to succeed in. I have a little nephew Randall Castro Jr. he is another motivation and influence everytime i see the smile on his face its just make me want to do better that way when he gets up in age i can make his life somewhat better..The favorite Uncle..
What equipment do you use?
I go to ATX Productions and record there Chris Souquette is who i work with and he is AWESOME...Thanks Chris
Anything else?
Chek Out My Website...http://jro44542.bandzoogle.com/fr_home.cfm
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