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I Voted For Kodos
I Voted For Kodos
4 Tracks
I Voted For Kodos has spent the last three years touring non-stop, averaging 150 shows per year. Their new album was recently released in the US and Japan and
Never Go Home
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You're My Favorite
Peak in sub-genre #64
Wishful Thinking In Fourth Period
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New album "My New Obsession" now available on
Band/artist history
One Saturday in 1991, my life changed forever. That was the day that the infamous "Zack Attack" episode of "Saved By The Bell" first aired. From that moment on, I made it my lifes goal to recreate the musical perfection that had been achieved for one fleeting half hour by Zack Attack. I spent years searching for the right musicians. I needed a hard-hitting yet technically precise drummer who could do service to the legend of A.C. Slater. I needed a soulful bassist who could match the grace and emotion of Lisa Turtle. I needed an edgy guitarist who could rip off inspired leads while tying the chords to the melody the way only Zack Morris could. I also needed a keyboard player to add soaring, awe-inspiring melodies and cheerful comradery to the group much as Samuel "Screech" Powers had done for Zack Attack. I also decided that I needed a whole fuck load of horn players just for the hell of it. While searching the world over (or at least large portions of Wisconsin) for a group of musicians as talented and insightful as the Bayside gang, I strove to pattern my own life after that of legendary Zack Attack front man Zack Morris. I took years of vocal lessons in an effort to make my voice resemble the powerful, yet angelic voice of Zack Morris. I also underwent years of physical training and plastic surgery in an attempt to mach the stunning good looks of the great preppy one. I have also attempted to infuse his easy going charm and stunning whit into my own personality. I Voted For Kodos has been together for almost 2 years now. In that time weve made great strides towards honoring the memory of the almighty rock legends known collectively as Zack Attack. Weve brought joy to the hearts of many children across this country of ours through our ska. Weve even recorded an album. Its pretty good, Id even say its above the level of the California Dreams, but it still does not match the musical genius displayed by Zack Attack. "She Hates Ska" is a good song, along the lines of "Love Is Not Like This," but its no "Friends Forever." And so, we tread on. Everyday of my life, I attempt to do the things that are befitting of a rock star of Zack Morriss level. I shop at Claires. I dry hump everything in sight. I make frequent threats to poop myself in public. I alienate our fans by swearing at them. I make fun of everyone else in the band in an attempt to hide my own insecurities. I force my dad to wear dresses and sing depeche mode songs. I beat little kids with celery. I giggle anytime someone says "pro-noun." I duct tape orange juice to our record label guy. I even spread vicious rumors about our drummer so that girls will stop liking him and start liking me. Still, I seem to have fallen short of the vision somewhere. Nevertheless, I shall continue my struggle until the day I die. Zack would have wanted it that way.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I Voted For Kodos is constantly on tour. The band has completed five national tours and six eastern/central US tours over the past three years. For complete tour dates and tour history visit
Your musical influences
Motion City Soundtrack, Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, New Found Glory, Limp, Taking Back Sunday, Goldfinger
What equipment do you use?
Rick plays on a Roland SH-1000 analog synth and sings through an Audio Technica 3000 series wireless mic. Tyler plays a Gibson Les Paul guitar. He uses an Orange amp and a Marshall cab. Andy plays a Fender P-bass through an ampeg rig. Lee plays an Ibanez guitar through an Ampeg half stack. David plays on Pearl drums
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