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Derrick Newton a.k.a Newtyrock
Derrick Newton a.k.a Newtyrock
Modesto, CA  USA
July 12, 2010
5,482 plays
Artist Summary Genres: Hip Hop / R&BLabel: TwoFa30 RecordsArtist Bio Derrick Newton, a.k.a. D. Newton is a writer and composer who was born and raised in Oakland, Ca to his mother Mary Hamlin. He and his friend and associate, Joey Apples, are apart of the label Two Fa 30 Records, where this talented soul could also be witnessed playing the guitar and piano. D. Newtons first musical memory stays preserved in his mind from when he was a young child, at the age of 5, singing in church. Even as a child, playing with RC cars, comic books and collectors card, he knew that he wanted to devote himself to a musical career, so he began writing. Some of his musical influences growing up were Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and Jodeci; all soulful voices who wrote songs for lovemaking. Presently, D. Newton is working with a singer, songwriter, and producer Stevie L. They released a song not too long ago called Turnin and plan to work on Derricks debut album. In the future, D. Newton hopes to work with other talented artists such as Trey Songz, Drake, and T. Pain. With inspirational advice like, your easiest day was yesterday and being told to keep rising to the top, he will stick to his guns and do whatever it takes to excel as the talented composer he is.
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