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Neon Egypt
World Jazz / World Fusion: Neon Egypt's unusual improvised Intuitive Music features Saxophones with the Taiko-like percussion of the Shendai Melodic Drums.
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Return To The Golden Land
The lead song from Neon Egypt's 2020 Jazz / World Fusion album release, UNEARTHED. See https://neonegypt.com
Towards The Sun
The longest song on the new CD UNEARTHED reflects on the Egyptian sun setting placidly over the Nile Delta. See www.neonegypt.com
View From A Mountain Temple.SC mix
Meditative reflection on a quiet mountain temple.
Passage to Djibouti
A fresh morning - New movement, new life!
Night of the Lotus
Many come by day, but the night, Night of the Lotus - Those who know her taste the sweetness
12 songs
New album UNEARTHED released July 17, 2020. - Visit https://neonegypt.com An outgrowth of the popular San Francisco "improv" quartet Tabula Rasa, Neon Egypt is considered to have pioneered a new jazz-based hybrid of Karlheinz Stockhausen's 'Intuitive Music'. Their debut album, Tales Of Kings, released in May of 2000, is considered a classic of this musical form, and the album's most popular song, Passage To Djibouti, has appeared in several feature settings, most notably in the 2004 art film Journey of the Dream Warrior. Intuitive Jazz / World Fusion Whether called Intuitive Jazz, World Jazz, or World Fusion, Neon Egypt's offering is unique. Expressive, free-flowing saxophone melodies float gracefully over Taiko-like melodic drum lines, featuring the one-of-a-kind Shendai Melodic Drums. Intuitive Music All of Neon Egypt's selections are "first takes" of spontaneously improvised Intuitive Music, recorded live. None of their pieces have a predetermined form or title, a key or time signature, or even a concept before play is begun. Each is truly a unique product of the moment. Yet each also has clear musicality, satisfying coherence and unmistakable structure. The broad foundation of melodic drum and percussion music created by the Shendai Drums allows master jazz saxophone soloist Harrison Goldberg freedom to weave an artful musical offering in real time. The result... well, you are invited to listen for yourself! You can read more of the story at NeonEgypt.com/intuitive-music. Group Members HARRISON GOLDBERG - Tenor, Alto, and Soprano saxophones STEVEN MILLER - Melodic drums, gongs, bells, cymbals, and miscellaneous percussion. Representation: ASCAP / Phenomaly Arts Web Sites: https://NeonEgypt.com www.HarrisonGoldbergArts.com CD Sales: https://neonegypt.com/albums-tracks Instruments Yamaha YSS-62 soprano sax, Selmer MKVI tenor sax, and Conn 1920s vintage silver alto sax; Shendai Ceremonial Drums, various gongs, cymbals, bells and hand percussion instruments. The Shendai drums are a unique set, a cross between Taiko drums and Timpani, and are played with specially designed soft percussion mallets. See https://neonegypt.com/the-shendai-drums
Band/artist history
Both Steven Miller and Harrison Goldberg are veteran jazz players who moved beyond mainstream jazz in 1992, with formation of the California-based performance art collaborative Tabula Rasa. Their critically acclaimed "collage" performances incorporated a melding of improvised acoustic/electronic music, dance, and visual art. Neon Egypt is a collaboration of just two members of Tabula Rasa, with occasional guest performances by other artists including musicians, dancers, and visual artists.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our music is occasionally performed live, usually in a concert setting, but all the songs here were studio recorded.
Your musical influences
Individuals: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Paul Desmond, Paul McCandless, Pharoah Sanders, Paul Winter, Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Robert Rich, Jan Garbarek, Al (Ali) Gromer Khan. Genres: World Jazz; African, Middle Eastern, and Oriental music; Gagaku; Noh (No) Theater; Free Jazz, Creative Music, New Music; Ambient; Taiko; Mystical Egypt
What equipment do you use?
Neon Egypt's albums were recorded on analog tape, then mastered to digital format using Pro Tools.
Anything else?
Albums: UNEARTHED (Released July, 2020), TALES OF KINGS, HOT NEON, COOL NEON (Hot Neon and Cool Neon are EPs composed of selected cuts from the CD Tales of Kings, and are presently out of production.) To purchase, visit https://neonegypt.com/albums-tracks
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