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JVH Productions
JVH Productions
Aberdeen, MS  USA
July 12, 2010
1,990 plays
JVH Productions was founded in 2004 by songwriter, producer and bassist Juan Valdez. In 2004 he opened "Backwood Studio" and began writing and producing music for local artist in the area. Once established and getting his music out in the public, he begin to receive more request for music scores for school talent shows and a independent film producer..
Band/artist history
First I Would like to give thanks to God, for giving me the talent that I have been blessed with. I've been writing poetry since 1979 while stationed in Germany after graduation. There I met many European artist like Arthur White who I think was the best drummer in Germany and who I've had the pleasure playing music with. I've toured with Percy Sledge and George McCray backing both on tours throuout Germany. I also formed or joined two other bands that was very popular througout the military club circuit and a few Germany club circuits. I've also made a couple TV apperences in Germany and stared in one movie "Die Zweite Heimat" now available on Amazon. I started my music career in 1978 playing Bass guitar which I had very good influences from the likes of Stanley Clarke, Mark King of Level 42 and Markus Miller. When I returned back to the U.S. I put the Bass down and took on the keys and guitar.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played live onstage since 1993
Your musical influences
I was influenced by the greatest bassist of all times like Stanley Clarke, Nathan East, Markus Miller And Mark King of Level 42 who I saw live in Germany. That dude was fast
What equipment do you use?
I'm currently running Reason 4.0 rewired to Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer's Edition with various plugins form Waves, Izotope, and many more for mastering and mixing. You can see the full equipment list on my home website.
Anything else?
I would get on stage again if asked playing old school or touring with someone like Percy and George again.
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