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Mr Grant
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A wonderful blend of smooth jazz, funk, dance and world music centralized through the piano, acoustic guitar and the occasional synth lead..
O Holy Night (Mr Grant Version)
Peak position #3
Silent Night (Mr Grant Version)
Today #32 in Smooth Jazz subgenre
Jingle Bells "Mr Grant Version"
Peak position #6
I Need U 2 B Here
Peak position #13
Something We Share
Peak position #7
Honey I Like That One
Peak position #11
More Than Words
Peak position #5
When We Were 6
Peak position #7
4-It Was Always You
Peak position #4
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ALL of the compositions you hear here start with one simple truth - without God, I could do nothing but because of HIM, all this is possible! Each and every effort is a serenade to Him, as I owe Him every song. Over the years, I've learned new things about song composition and have always been willing to push the boundaries of sound. I was trained as a musician and recording engineer as a child, learning to put together melodies when I was only 7 years old. This was at the height of jazz fusion where lead instrumental improvisation was king. Although I was trained early on to read and write sheet music, this improvisation has shaped my writing. Now, I write from my heart. The songs represented here are the culmination of my ventures. Each new song is a lesson in itself as I am a never ending student of music, sound and the new and emerging recording processes. As you listen, keep in mind these are my intimate conversations with God. My conversations are sometimes upbeat, sometimes somber, but never boring. In all, I share these songs so that you may enjoy the music.
Band/artist history
LPHS Band Living Waters Praise Team Perfekt Blend (with Chuck Finlayson) Mr Grant Productions (MGP)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Used to love playing live. Now that I'm playing piano (solo piano) more, there are occasions where I'll do it more (at home of course). I just don't have the time nor resources to consistently do it on the road.
Your musical influences
They are all over the place. From Quincy Jones to Berlin, Thomas Dolby to Snarky Puppy and George Duke. I could name hundreds that influenced me over the years, but I got many of my favorites during the late 70s and early 80s. As of late, I've gone back and rediscovered many of the Jazz greats from the 40's, 50's, & 60's. They are shaping (or reshaping) my musical outlook.
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk by Bandlab & Sonar Platinum (using the Roland A800 Midi Controller), plug ins galore, NI Komplete (Kontakt, Battery, Massive, FM08, Reacktor, and more), Ilya Efimov Nylon Guiars (via Kontakt), OrangeTree Evolution Guitars (jazz and acoustic), EastWest Gypsy, Piano In Blue (via Kontakt), Dimension Pro, Rapture, Korg legacy Collection (did I miss anything???) and a load more!
Anything else?
Music impacts us. Love it or hate it - it impacts our daily lives. When a certain song comes on, we can most often remember where we were or what we were doing when we first heard that song. Hopefully, my music has left a positive impression on you today. If you've tapped your foot, bobbed your head or even just smiled I've done my job. If you stop by tomorrow, I'll see if I can do it again:) ...