Dark mode
Arrogant, Self-centered, hostile, indulgent, tangential, sleazy, non-descript, talentless, puerile, immature, demanding, voracious, cold-hearted, misogynis
3 songs
20 plays
take it
an amazing vocal performance by DJAerith, plus mad evangelist
strange life
sweeping triphop number with many thanx to Shannon for vox and orchestration
become the sky
dreamy triphop with a beautifully delivered poem
we are ProtoStar and we are very mysterious! and have nothing whatever to do with Jamscience Members;.. Jon Phoenix, Agrimoth the befuddled, Pope Estropromulusovitch VI, Bergindorp Silenthrutch, Frank the Floccinaucinihilipilificationist, Kneel Diamond, Harry kosmic jr, Stan Tanner, Michael Bubble, Grace LIck and the occasional musical itinerant,.
Band/artist history
We are dark and mysterious and are mainly existing in the multi-verse as predicted by m-theory with no relativistic connection to Jamscience or one-legged elephants. We existed before space and time in a dark void known only as.Salford.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes/ Europe/ Yes/ once we were mistaken for Jamscience....how we larfed!
Your musical influences
Mysterious music from the cosmos, ethereal poly-rhythmic patterns manifested in the sounds of nature, the stackstead and bacup marching brass ensemble, carl orff.
What equipment do you use?
a rubber band, 3 pencils, squeegy bottle, sticky-back plastic, LHC, glue(epoxy) original fairlight cmi.
Anything else?
The Nouns were well placed to object to the soporific but rapidly growing adjectives. why they should worry and stimulate the fast paced slowly rotating verbs was as strange an idiom as the adverbs could muster in their palindromic radar. what ho! exclaimed the expletives, even though they were as deaf as doornobs derided by downbeat drunks in a delirious synonymic plethora of palindromes or d,s,p,p in acronymic form. wheres my lap? it was there a minute ago when I sat down! I've just stood up and it's gone! vanished! wtf!
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