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June 30, 2010
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B.I.G. Nel is a Hip-Hop artist originally from Chicago, IL but currently located in Atlanta, GA (Ta Seti, New Afrika). He is also a producer, community activist and organizer. He has a production company called RUN IT BAC/Guillotine Productions and is Executive Producer for Nu Afrika Ent. B.I.G. Nel is a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, KMT Asen and the Universal Zulu Nation. He has done shows throughout the southeast U.S., especially Atlanta performing at venues like The Five Spot, Apache Cafe, Wild Bill's, SubZero, Georgia State University Campus, Georgia Tech University Campus, Clack Atlanta University Campus and many others. B.I.G. Nel has released his latest solo album, THE BLACK POWER ALBUM!!! The album features hits like "Livin' Proof", "I AM HIP-HOP", "Hide Ur Soul" and "BLACK POWER". Music will be available on iTunes, ReverbNation and at local music stores. RUN IT BAC/Guillotine Productions has also produced the mixtape RUN IT BAC Vol. 1, released in 2008 and features "Stop Snitchin'", "Hit em'Up" featuring Ife Jie, D Boi and Zoe Pecci, and "Candy Man pt. 1 & 2". Free da Land, Free Da People, Build a Nation!!!
Band/artist history
Started rapping almost 15 yearz ago. Prior to that i waz a breaker and graffiti artist (i still do graffiti). I began producing a little more than 10 yearz ago and have been doing studio engineering for 9 yearz. Az a rapper i have had muzik played on mainstream and underground radio in Atlanta, and have done showz all over the city and throughout the region. I just released an album, THE BLACK POWER ALBUM on March 9, 2010. I have previously released a mixtape called RUN IT BAC, Vol. 1 and will soon release two more projects thiz year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do showz at least twice a month. i have done showz all over Atlanta, GA and throughout the Zoutheast region. i love performing live because the energy from on stage iz phenomenal!
Your musical influences
Artists like 2Pac, Scarface, Ice Cube, Too Short & Nas have influenced me. My up-bring in Chicago, the gangz, the drama, New Afrika & all the New Afrikan freedom fighters who have come before me are also some of my influences.
What equipment do you use?
I use protools, reason, MPC2000, Afrikan Drum, beat-box, etc.
Anything else?
You can currently Download my album, THE BLACK POWER ALBUM for $1 at www.bignel.bandcamp.com
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