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Apocalypse Prospect
Apocalypse Prospect
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Apocalypse Prospect is a fast paced technical heavy metal style with crushing vocals and lots of melody.
Jumpgate - Apocalypse Prospect
This is the current project I am working on.. It started from my drummer (Kelly Leutschaft) and I writing stuff together in 2010 and has turned into what is now called "Apocalypse Prospect". It's now my solo project but I still get help from Kelly with drum beats and patterns.
Band/artist history
Prior to this project I have been in a few other bands.. "Numbskull", "Sin", "Tattletale" none of which really made it very far at all. This is my attempt at a different approach I guess.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently not playing live and don't really plan to.. but if there was enough demand I might put something together in the future.
Your musical influences
Devin Townsend is a huge influence, that guy is a genius... aside from him, pretty much any band that is fist pumping and devil horns heavy.. oh and video game music is a huge influence too. Phillipe Vachey is amazing!
What equipment do you use?
My main guitar right now is a ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe (lefty) I use a Mesa triple rectifier 150 watt half-stack with minimal pedals, usually just my Boss NS-2 noise suppressor and sometimes a compressor. I have been using Guitar Rig 4 lately for recording because it's way more practical for recording. I use Superior Drummer 2 and some expansion packs for it for the drums for right now.
Anything else?
With this album I am going to try to make 12 very diverse songs while at the same time having a signature sound that's very distinguishable. I'm not a fan of those boring (every song sounds the same) albums that bands are throwing out lately as fast as they can. I have tonnes of material right now, more than a full albums worth. I'll make a post whenever a new song finished. HORNS WAY UP!
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