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Paul David
Saint Paul, MN  USA
Pop Musical
December 01, 2003
18,483 plays
Paul David is a Twin Cities musician whose music reaches past the heart and touches the soul. "It's highly spiritual music," Paul David said recently, "but not specifically Christian. I want to reach people of every faith journey with this music. I am writing about universal truths and situations we all deal with in this life."On his first solo CD, "Evolutions," the listener is taken on a journey from darkness to the light. "Trapped" in a place you don't belong, you are lead through some of the pitfalls of life on a well-woven carpet of sound, until your heart and soul "Burn On" with the fire of life. "It's like RENT, without the play," one listener noted.Paul David is a storyteller. Each song transports you to a place and time in your life (or in the lives of those you know). "I could actually see myself in the song," said another listener recently. Love, lust, discrimination, greed, guilt and joy are played out in the fabric of the songs. "It's like a cleansing of your soul. That's the idea behind the image on the back cover." said Paul David. Openly gay, Paul David's music transcends the boundaries of sexuality. "I write my songs for everyone. The issues of co-dependence, guilt, betrayal, love, death, sex and money are issues we all deal with," says Paul David. "It shouldn't matter whether you are homosexual, heterosexual or anything in between; and in my music I don't pretend there is a difference. We are all flesh and blood, with dreams, ideas, hopes and fears. I write my music in a way I feel people can work through their issues, and bring resolution to their lives: If they choose to. These songs helped me deal with many issues."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Weekly at Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church in Golden Valley, MN
Your musical influences
Styx, Kansas, Prince, Dave Matthews, Journey, U2, Miles Davis, Paul Smoker Trio and Ani DiFranco
What equipment do you use?
Gretch drum set, Schecter Stilletto-5 Studio Bass, Korg Triton ProX keyboard, Fender Strat guitar, Zildgen & Paiste cymbals.
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