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the embryo
the embryo
26 Tracks
The embryo is the creative vehicle of Singer Songwriter Guitarist Randolf Arriola. Born and raised in Singapore. Ever since he picked up the guitar it was alway
Hi there. Welcome aboard and thanks for coming by! If this is your first introduction here then the good news is that you are about to experience music of a unique blend from an extraodinary musician. Sit back, relax, read on and listen to the exclusive preview tracks. Do write back to offer your comments or drop by to simply say "Hello". embryo is the creative vehicle of singer, songwriter guitarist Randolf Arriola. Music by the embryo, has often been described by listeners as an amalgamation of some of the greatest world renowned and obsucure artists across medium and genre. Musically self taught, he was born and raised in Singapore. Music from the embryo is a multi level experience that stirs the head, the heart and the soul.
Band/artist history
Was a singer guitarist of the following bands; Blue Horizon, Exit Twilight, Little Gang, Ying Yang, Carousel, Tony Goh and Friends, Steeky Does!, Naked. Currently with the Riverside Cats (AKA.Beach Cats, Inner City Cats, Voodoo Cats, Hard Rock Cats, Mad Cats...go figure :) As a producer/engineer and session player I've worked with some of the finest award winning local and regional indie acts including; Padres, Livonia, Boredphucks, Electric Co, Ecrus Garage, AIFF, Camra, Gentlyfall, Opposition Party, June Koh, Sugarflies, Melt, Mother, Oddfellows, Leslie Low, Yeow, X'Ho, Mark Chan and Love Me Butch, Bruno Lefranche, Louis Pragasam(Asiabeat) amongst others.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, and have been for years quite fortunately survived professionally by being one of the top players in the local show band scene having played at some of the most popular clubs including Top 10, Sparks, Fire, Branigans, Tornado, Subway, Celebrities, Rainbow, Hotline, Woodstock, California Jam, Laughs and Bojangles, Trapizza at Shangrila Sentosa, Riverside(formerly Backstage Bar at Singapore Indoor Stadium), Harry's various outlets and Historia World Music Bar, Esplanade and the Arts House performing either originals or unique reinterpretations of classic covers from the classic and current era with various highly talented musicians in the local club circuit on weekends in Singapore. His introduction into the local scene began with competitions.first band competition was in '85 at the Yamaha Combo where his band Blue Horizon performed their original as a finalist. "Exit Twilight" also performed originals as finalist in '87 at Rainbow. His band Carousel's performance of his original song (Shining Eyes)won the top prize in '89 at Hotline. His band Ying Yang was unanimously judged as the top band in '90 at Celebrities with their interpretation of Parts 1,2&3 of Pink Floyd's The Wall and Rainbow's "I Surrender". Randolf's combined passion for heartfelt thought provoking songwriting and experimenting with sound treatments create a sound and style that is uniquely his own. Always seeking ways to expand his musical craft, Randolf also derives great satisfaction from performing covers with a personalized approach. "It's fun when you discover new ways to interpret songs in ways never thought of before because the musicians add their own personal magic to the ever changing combination of possibilties..." My current attitude in cover bands is more positive compared to my previous experiences with the show band stint which was exciting and challenging for awhile but wore off after awhile. One of my most memorable moments as a musician was when I played the opening act for Grammy Award Winner Sheryl Crow back in Apr '95 when she came by Singapore during her world tour. Sheryl and her musicians were very supportive and encouraging of my playing and the songs of the band (Naked). My most challenging gig was quite laughable really. I responded to a call from the Pony Canyon office to turn up for a gig supporting Tommy Page on a regional promotional performance at Sparks. I did not realize until I was at the soundcheck that I was the sole musician supporting him singing and playing the piano. Man was I glad that I did my homework enough to pull off half the set unplugged style." Phew!
Your musical influences
Almost everthing that I've heard and imagined that I heard has had profound influences on my continual journey as a wide eyed creative child of the universe. I aspire to find my own little voice and song to contribute back to the listener who hears music with an open heart.
Anything else?
Currently performing solo 3 nights a week at Changi Airports T2 Harry's lounge, Randolf incorporates an interesting repertoire of classics and improvs executed in a distinctive style which combines his voice, pick n fingerstyle acoustic guitar with his loop and pedal efx setup. Stay tuned for more updates as Randolf will be expanding his solo performances throughout the heart of town starting towards the end of this year. Randolf as a professional musician is also actively involved in music production and the local radio industry and has among many clients done commercials and musical productions for including; 1.JAL 2.CANON 3.SHARP 4.WACOAL 5.PHILIPS 7.STARHUB 8.FUJI FILM 9.NORTHWEST AIRLINE 10.ISETAN 11.COLD STORAGE 12.ICHIBAN BOSHI 13.KURIYA 14.SONY MUSIC 15.WARNER MUSIC 16.UNIVERSAL MUSIC 17.BMG MUSIC 18.EMI 19.LAMC 20.LUSHINGTON 21.SHOW COMPANY 23.HEEREN SHOPS 24.HITACHI 25.JAZZ AT SOUTHBRIDGE 26.POH HENG JEWELRY 27.POKKA 28.MITSUBISHI 29.MEDIACORP 30.TOSHIBA 31.PHILIPS Actively involvement with the local indie bands naturally found him applying his creativity in event and show coordination. Brainchild behind J-Rock events at Heeren shops, the 2002 Asian Youth n Music Festival in conjuction with Hello Singapore FM96.3 The International Channel of Mediacorp Radio. His recent projects have found him applying his touch in getting locals pubs and clubs to include local based indie bands into their entertainment roster, These include Historia, Gahaus, Timbre of late. He is the creative behind the well received and attended monthly series of Openstage all night indie band fest held at Timbre once a month. Educated in Electronics Engineering he also dabbles with various electronic projects performing repairs, upgrades and modifications to various guitar gear including stomp pedals, wahs, tube amps and guitars of course! Email for advice and details about customizing requests. Randolf currently uses the following for studio, live and "leisure plug in and jam" works; GUITARS -------- 1. FENDER CUSTOM SHOP '54 STRATOCASTER 2. GIBSON GOLDTOP LES PAUL "Vintage" '69 3. TAYLOR 410 ACOUSTIC 4. GODIN MULTIAC STEEL DUET 5. GODIN MULTIAC STEEL SA 6. YAMAHA PACIFICA 912J '94 (SEYMOUR DUNCANS) 7. YAMAHA PACIFICA 912J 2000 (DIMARZIOS) 8. YAMAHA PACIFICA 921 '95 (DIMARZIOS) 9. HAMER VINTAGE S 10. FENDER TELECASTER 11.CUSTOM STRAT "FRANK" with ROLAND GK2A PICKUPS 12.SUPRO HAWAIIAN STEEL GUITAR "Vtge"(Mid 40's) 13.EPIPHONE LES PAUL CUSTOM (BLACK BEAUTY) 14.YAMAHA RGX 612 MK II 15.ARIA PRO II CARDINAL SERIES 16.CONGRESS ACOUSTIC 6 STRING AMPS ------- 1. CARVIN X100B TUBE AMP HEAD AND 4x12 HALF STACK 2. FENDER SUPER 60 TUBE AMP 3. FENDER CHAMP TUBE AMP "Vintage" '57 RACK GEAR ------------ 1. ADA MP1 2. ART SGX 2000 EXPRESS 3. DIGITECH GSP 2101 ARTIST 4. DIGITECH GSP 2112/2120 5. ROCKTRON JUICE EXTRACTOR "by ALLAN HOLDSWORTH" 6. ADA MICROCAB 7. ADA MICROCAB II 8. ALESIS 3630 COMPRESSOR 9. ART MP1 STEREO TUBE PREAMP 10.AKAI XL 3200 SAMPLER 11.MACKIE 1604 MIXER FLOOR PEDALS ---------------- 1. ROLAND GR-1 GUITAR SYNTHESIZER 2. ROLAND VG88 V2 3. ART X-15 MIDI CONTROLLER 4. DIGITECH WHAMMY II 5. JIM DUNLOP HENDRIX WAH (Modded) 6. JIM DUNLOP 535Q CHROME CRYBABY WAH (Modded) 7. ROLAND PASSIVE VOLUME PEDAL 8. ELECTRO HARMONIX SWITCHBLADE AB Switcher 9. BOSS SD1 SUPER OVERDRIVE (MOD) 10.BOSS CS3 COMPRESSOR (MOD) 11.BOSS DD3 DIGITAL DELAY (MOD) 12.BOSS CE3 STEREO CHORUS (MOD) 13.BOSS OS2 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION (MOD) 14.BOSS ACOUSTIC SIMULATOR 15.BOSS POWER SUPPLY 16.BOSS DS1 (MOD) 17.IBANEZ SM9 SUPER METAL (MOD) 18.KEELEY COMPRESSOR 20.BOSS DS1 Ultra Mod 21.BOSS CH1 Super Chorus (MOD) 22.BOSS BF2 Flanger (MOD) 23.KEELEY DS1 (SEE EYE MOD) 24.BOSS MT2 METAL ZONE (MOD) 25. BOSS HM2 HEAVY METAL (MOD) 26. LINE6 DL4 27. ELECTRO HARMONIX MICROSYNTH 28. BOSS DD20 GIGADELAY 29. BOSS BD2 (MOd) 30. YAMAHA MAGICSTOMP 31. AWARD SESSION JD10 32. BOSS RC50 LOOP STATION OTHER STUFF ------------ 1. EBOW 2. BRASS SLIDE 3. HAWAIIAN STEEL SLIDE 4. HAWAIIAN SPEED SLIDE 5. VISUAL SOUND "ONE SPOT" POWER ADAPTOR
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