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Second Nature of Seattle
Second Nature of Seattle
Seattle, WA  USA
June 19, 2010
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An exciting blend of progressive, modern, pop, and alternative rock from Seattle, WA. Second Nature uses heartfelt lyricism, stellar musicianship, and powerful grooves to create a sound that is both timeless, and new. Second Nature is: Rob Fowler: guitars and lead vocals Mike Conley: bass Ron Turner: drums Second Nature is currently seeking bookings and professional management in the Seattle area A note about the recordings: Care was taken to present an accurate impression of the band. All tracks were recorded "one take" at our rehearsal space, with the guitars and bass direct to disk, and the drums and vocals 'live". The vocals were then re-recorded at my home studio (DCRP here on Soundclick). The daw platform was Nuendo 2, recorded 12 tracks (with 4 spare) with 2 Presonus Firepods (at 24/44100). Waves Silver and Platinum plugs were used for the basic processing, along with PSP, and a few VST's used where needed. 17 mixes were done based on the original rough mix. No editing was done to the original tracks! The bass and kick were sidechain compressed, and the vocal tracks were "automated" for volume only. Mastering was done in Wavelab 4 using the Waves Mastering Series, dc offsets of .015 eliminated, and 1 second blank intros inserted, along with proper fades. Maybe someday a "name" producer (Terry Brown or Micheal Wagner anyone?) will do a much better job, but for now...this is US...
Band/artist history
To write a complete history of the forming of this band would fill a book... the short version is as follows: Rob, and Ron, were both professional club band members, doing sessions and covers for the better part of the last 20 years in various groups. Both have extensive performing and recording credits. Mike, on the other hand, had played for more than 10 years in (exclusively) original groups, and had much of the same recording and performing experience. Their initial meeting was in a progressive original band Rob had formed, "Scarecrow Messiah" in 2002. Rob owns a mobile project studio (see DCRP "digital chemistry recording and productions" here on Soundclick), and while playing in various club bands, had also been writing and recording his own music. He found Mike first, and knew instinctively that Mike could contribute that "thing" his music was missing... with the addition of a vocalist, drummer, and 2nd guitarist, Scarecrow Messiah was born...after some "growing pains" with their lineup, he was forced to find a new drummer. An extensive search locally was made, but it was a weird twist of fate at a coffee stand where he found Ron... they continued on as Scarecrow Messiah, to critical acclaim, and ended up winning a "battle of the bands" leading to studio time for the band, but... as a lot of groups go... the fire went out, and they went their separate ways...Fast forward a few years... Ron had gone back to his Christian progressive rock project "Passage", Mike to his ongoing project "Pirex", and Rob: back to club bands, tribute bands, and, learning the art of recording/engineering/producing... In the interim, he recorded several dozen songs, including a critically acclaimed instrumental rock guitar album "Reach". While involved in an "ACDC" tribute, started writing some songs with that bands' lead vocalist... people thought they were cool, but when he played some of his own stuff for the same people, their reactions told him which way to go... and, he'd matured as a musician to the point he felt he could sing, and play the material to it's full potential.... well... now he needed a band... Ron and Rob had kept in contact over the years, collaborating on various songs Rob was working on, but were never able to find a bassist who measured up to the kind of player they knew they needed... finally, they contacted Mike, who had been experiencing some problems with his group, and felt that maybe a change was what he needed... After 20 minutes of jam session, they knew the magic and chemistry they had before, had never been lost... after 6 rehearsals, they recorded their EP "Machine Made Man", and are actively preparing for a long and fruitful relationship as "Second Nature"... their future is very bright indeed...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Second Nature is actively pursuing gigs, and management... They have only done a handful of shows as Second Nature, but did dozens as "Scarecrow Messiah... Every show has it's "moments", to single one out would be impossible, but... they LIVE to play live. All three members are veteran live performers with a rough total of over 200 shows in just the last 5 years between them...
Your musical influences
Rob would count classic and modern progressive rock, modern jazz rock, classic metal, and instrumental music of all kinds, as influences... he's a guitar players "player"... a guitar "nerd" if you will... from the Beatles to Rush - Joe Satriani to Disturbed, Rob has immersed himself in the guitar for the last 30 years. Later he would come to be influenced by various producers and engineers of his favorite recordings, and would learn to 'let go" of his influences, and be "himself". Ron is a real "student of percussion": from Steve Smith and Neil Peart (of Rush), Alex AcuÃa, Bill Bruford (Yes), Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Omar Hakim, Manu KatchÃ, Dave Weckl... and more, Ron has assimilated all these influences to create a unique perspective on rhythm... 16 note grooves, applied poly-rhythmically ... just the thing Second Nature uses to create their incredible grooves. Mike is the iconoclast of the group... influenced by punk and "alternative" music, he lists players like Primus's "Les Claypool", Flea, Jah Wobble, Tony Levin, Bill Laswell, Melvin Gibbs, Doug Wimbish, John Myung, Geddy Lee, Justin Chancellor... the list goes on and on... He's passionate about the "alternative techniques" he uses in Second Nature's music...to great effectiveness...
What equipment do you use?
Rob Guitars: Carvin, PRS, G&L, Fender Amps: Rocktron preamps and processing gear, ART tube compressor: Carvin and Tube Works power amps: Lopo custom 2x12 cabs (2ea). Mike Peavey and Warwick basses Ampeg and Fender amps and cabs. Ron Mapex drums, Sabian (Paragon) cymbals, Remo heads, Vic Firth sticks.
Anything else?
Contact us for booking (and other questions) at secondnature_seattle@yahoo.com or Rob Fowler 253-334-4958
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