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Venomouz Wrath
Venomouz Wrath
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Blending Black Metal with the form of rap known as horrorcore/wicked shit, with gothic lyrics and harsh raw vocals
Venomouz Wrath The Serpents Lamb-Graven Is Th 4722
Today #76 in Rap-Metal subgenre
This Shallow Grave Ft. Ressurrector
Peak position #84
Carnage Laid Upon A Restless Kingdom.MP3
Peak position #83
Desecration On a Palace of Lies (Outro)
Peak in sub-genre #20
An aspiring solo artist blending Black Metal with the essence of Horrorcore. Using elaborate lyrics and gothic underling messages in music. Standing out with the creation of the unique mixture. Signing to a quite known label soon. Bringing a standard for music for himself. Born March 14th 1989 in San Francisco,CA, Venomouz Wrath has always had an interest in writing from either short stories or poetry. Writing many poems receiving praise and a few rewards for his work, Venomouz Wrath not only continued with his work but straining to writing songs. Having the skill to write elaborate dark poetry, Venomouz Wrath used that ability to venture into music in a black metal band. As do most bands that are just starting mostly do it fell apart sadly. Later, after finding darker and harder horrorcore musick such as SKR, KGP, Ressurrector and many others, Venomouz Wrath decided to put hard work into doing solo musick. Trying to blend the elements of raw Gothic black metal with the feel and style of horrorcore/wicked shit rap. Being an unsigned artist to prepare his sound, later became part of the label Bound By Evil Records created by artist Bloodfreak Killa.. After seeing there could be room to grow business wise, left Bound By Evil Records with no tensions or grudges between the head of label. Now being an unsigned artist again continue to progress his new sound of Wicked Shit and lay down a new level for himself to progress to. Having a hit with the first professional song released, featuring his good friends from the group Pius Deception, rising to be noticed trying to create a new sound in the horrorcore wicked shit genre.
Band/artist history
ShadowedReaper-2008 SickSerpentine-2008 Venomous Wraith-2008-2010 Venomouz Wrath-2010: Unto The Serpents Lamb Thou Shall Follow 7/17/2010
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I,as of now, do not play live. I have not yet, I am willing to of course. I mostly am accepting local venues and shows seeing as transportation at the moment is a bit hard. I would love to play a live show soon and I'm open to do party shows and what not. But so far no shows have been initiated.
Your musical influences
Marduk, Cradle of Filth, Graveworm, Body Bagz, SickTanick, Stitch Mouth, Ressurrector, Dimmu Borgir, Bathory, Venom, Psyclon Nine, The Kovenant, Netherbird, Six Feet Under, Exhumed, Asesino, Brujeria, & Legion of The Damned.
What equipment do you use?
Behringer Condenser Studio Microphone, Adobe Soundbooth, FL studios, & Cool Edit Pro
Anything else?
Just like to put a small thanks to people who drive me with my hate and stress and actually help me transfer that into songs. To the people who support me outside of musick wise as well. I love what I do. Also want to thank my mentor Stabb for showing me the biz and still doing so been a lot of help so far I'm glad to call him my brother. If you would like to keep up with me and be a homie, cuz I'm always open to seriously talkin to my fans and bein friends with them, myspace: myspace.com/venomouzwrath666 Twitter: VenomouzWrath Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Venomouz-Wrath/101892509863462?ref=sgm
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