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Tina Marie Smith
It was an excellent experince jamming with my fellow Usual Dose members. Sadly enough, we are on permanent hiatus!!! Good times, as always...music fills my so
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Ground Zero (Kevin & Tina)
Original rock song
Evenflow-snippet by The Usual Dose
Pinball wizard-snippet by The Usual Dose
Get Ready-snippet by The Usual Dose
Twice as Hard-snippet by The Usual Dose
Them Changes - Mecca Super Club, Chicago
The Usual Dose was formed approximately three years ago in 2005. The band is a collection of talented musicians all with at least twenty years of experience playing live and performing studio work within their respective craft. This wide base of experience and talent leads to a well rehearsed, tight, hard rocking group, particularly in a live setting. The roots of the group are based mainly in 60’s and 70’s “classic” rock, with influences like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones and others in that genre. Although heavily influenced by 60’s and 70’s rock, The Usual Dose can also be heard playing tunes by artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, The Police, The Temptations, Stone Temple Pilots, The Pretenders and Jimi Hendrix, from the 60’s thru the millennium, all of the bases are covered. Tina Marie Smith: Vocals, harmonica and percussion Chris Fudacz: Guitar and vocals Jason Williams: Bass guitar and vocals Marty Quinn: Drums and percussion www.myspace.com/usualdose www.myspace.com/tinamariesmith1
Band/artist history
See intro:-)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Many places, yes, we liked it...Moment: Playing The Who, Behind Blue Eyes and the bass player totally brainfarted all chords for the majority of the song...OUCH!
Your musical influences
It really does vary with each player. As the lead singer I am a true claasic rock die hard. I do love and appreciate many styles - most anything if it is done well. Overall personally for me; My Mother (Vocalist and a great entertainer!) John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Dio, Cream, Pink Floyd, Freddy Mercury, Aretha, Etta James, Stevie Winwood...too many to mention.
What equipment do you use?
Shure Wireless SM58...And love it & Honer Blues Harps!
Anything else?
Oh boy...Anything goes, yikes!
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