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Self ID(Identity) has been rapping for 10 years. He has met with 93.7 workers, been offered to be signed, but continues to pursue education with social work stu
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Been A Long Time
the force
Touch Three Tears
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Haven't heard much clever rap in a while? Or just some soul? You know, people talking about their lives? Try me out! I'll definitely cause you to want to reflect on life and stuff like that. Wait, you wanna battle? hah, no probz. That's what I'm here for!
Band/artist history
My first lyrics, "Hataz" and ... "Freestyle #1"(which was really a free-write) were done in Math class in the 8th grade. I always mumbled but never actually wrote. But at a young age I enjoyed the concerns of Hip Hop. I was bumping "Loyal to the Game" at the time. 9th grade was a wonder, though. I found my identity and wrote "The Silent Revolution" a pre-planned album composed of 13 song based on my life's elements at the time. It was actually a very good level of lyrical content. I look back now, I wouldn't be any sicker. Or would I? hehe... ;) 10th grade was lyricism year. I would walk in English class, pull out a notebook, and write. Over and over and over. New notebook after new black, blue, and red notebooks. I also read on the importance of Hip Hop. Talks, interviews, political views, books such as "The Autobiography of Malcom X", "Refugee Teens Speak Out from Nicaragua/Guatemala/Mexico, (etc.). I read on the history of Hip Hop, its terminology, and even freestyle tactics. I called it, "Rap Homework" instead of English Class. 11th grade was a twist. I streamed the Underground and found the foregrounds of music categories. I adapted my focus to being metaphorical, having paradoxes, and more clever minded lyricism. 12 grade. By this year my tongue was set. However, haha, my mind wasn't. Too many potent spirals in my head and on top of all that, I moved from Sylmar, California to Orem/Provo, Utah. I continued, with less hip hop environment, but created many serious projects. 9 YEARS LATER Up to a couple weeks ago I decided it's time to share my talent a little more. I've been inspired by the fact that Hip Hop is finally ready for more emerging artists. With Chance the Rapper, Mackelmore, MGK-oh and apps like Spotify and Soundcloud- I see that the Gangster Rap Age is over and Mainstream Rap is actually achieving the ethnicity of Hip Hop which involves politics, dj performance-which still needs work- and just bringing so much life and creativity into the scenery. If you ask me, I know people will continue hating on social media, but in the end, many emerging artists big and small will enter the hearts of people. And that's what's most important.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Back in 2013 I played live the most at DJ parties. I would freestyle over hip hop, techno, and dubstep. People would think it was all air play except those who were in the very front and could see that the person rapping was me hahaha
Your musical influences
Creative Music, All Famous Artists of all Genres even Hans Zimmer. People, and most especially my friends who keep it real. Especially those ones! And of course haters. I mean, I really couldn't do it without the opposition.
What equipment do you use?
I used to use only a lap top with it's inbuilt microphone, but 9 Years later I have access to a professional microphone and programs.
Anything else?
Yeah. I believe that all forms of communication are valid. I know that humanity can be a piece of wasteful shit, but at the end of the day, I'm here to give hope to all people. As piece of shit as you can or will be, even you are someone who I will acknowledge respectfully at some point. On the other hand, since I live in Utah, I just want to say to religious fanatics to explore in more in life, and be more open-minded. Finally, to my homies in Cali, thanks 4 your support!
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