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The lost art of the Power Trio....
Welcome to the lost art of The Power Trio.... Scribe's raison d'etre is the exhilliration the heroic rock bands are able to give people. Bands like Rush, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Yes, The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sound Garden, U2, The Beatles, Metallica, etc............................................. were able to move people and we thought we would give it a shot. We would love to have animation rock videos so if you want to animate we have plenty of ideas to help get you started. Cheers! www.ScribeRocks.com
Band/artist history
The Band: Josh Needleman -- Vocals & Bass Alex Korinzer -- Guitar Jake Wood-- Drums Scribe features well crafted, inspired songs presented with top flight musicianship and an emotional delivery. Scribe successfully blends elements many musical styles into rock songs addressing social & political themes. Despite all this, the band maintains that "go for it" attitude of garage bands. A Brief History of Scribe November 2005 With the help of new drummer Jake Wood, Scribe begins recording a second CD. March 14th, 2005 As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from GarageBand.com members, "Five Alive" is Track of the Day at GarageBand.com on the Modern Rock homepage. February 16th, 2005 "Floodgate" wins "Track of the Day" on the Instrumental Rock homepage at Garageband.com. January 25th, 2005 "Funny Tribe" wins "Track of the Week" on Garageband.com's main homepage due to very enthusiastic reviews. January 10th, 2005 Scribe's song "Funny Tribe"wins "Track of the Day" on Garageband.com's Alternative Metal page. This is the second song to receive this honor. Fall - 2004 Scribe does several live web broadcasts from Expressions Center for New Media in Emeryville. The band also demos many new songs and works with John Lennon & Aerosmith's producer Jack Douglas! Summer 2004 The band embarks on several short tours throughout the state of California. May 11th, 2004 Scribe releases "Totally Live Frisbee" on the internet to mass interest for free! The 4 song demo was recorded & filmed totally live in "The Big Room" at Scribe's rehearsal spot with true third member Alex Korinzer. It features three live versions of songs from the band's now classic debut 2003 disc. Sean Carney mixed the demo.. December 10th, 2003 Scribe's Song "Great Divide" wins "Track of the Day" on Garageband.com's Alternative Home page. BACK IN THE DAY..... In August of 1991 future lead vocalist/bassist Josh "J Poppas" Needleman rolls into the SF Bay Area looking for band members. Psychefunkapus is playing their last shows and J takes note of Paul "Mushi Moo Moo" Johnson, the engine drumming behind the 90s alt- rock sensation. Psychefunkapus made 2 albums for Atlantic Records and did extensive US touring including playing San Franciscos infamous Exotic Erotic Ball and warming up Pearl Jam for the Earth Day festival at the Star Plex in Dallas Texas. November 1991: Paul and Josh start playing together and with the help of the magnanomous friend and keyboardist/computer scientist Ben Jacobs, are able to track the bass & drums for four originals songs. The innovative and melodious music derived from this session will set the stage for Scribe. Jor Slick helps Josh finish the demo with various musicians. The demos are given 7 consecutive Monday rotations on WNEWs New Music Hour. Out of a batch of ten new artists presented to him, then RCA A&R man John Brodi, who managed Dave Mathews Band, digs the demo. 1992-2001: Paul & Josh play together on and off and in various situations. Js inspiring bass talents are utilized in the world fusion group Collage of i. The group does a three evening recording for a live CD at Sweetwater in Mill Valley and plays The Frost Amphitheater at Stanford. For a time J fills in with three members of Psychefunkapus in a group they called Kachunk. Later, the two play many dates with Patch of Blues, Free Association (cool jazz), and the second incarnation of Bullfrog, Josh's early band experiment for Scribe which toured in Colorado. Paul makes a record and plays locally with alt rockers Pump Mother and makes a record and tours Europe with the storytelling blues outfit Preacher Boy. One of the stops has them on the bill with BB King. For five of these years Paul is also making three funk rock records and doing shows with Ace in their band Skull Funk. Josh does studio and live work with Cat, Willow Ray, Celestes Tool Chest, Lucas Arts and Sur Real before taking time to learn classical string bass from SF Symphony bassist Charles Chandler and Gary Karr and to study voice with critically acclaimed Bay Area singer Suzanne Sterling. 2001-2004: Scribe Rocks! After three years of deligent searching and disappointments which led the band to have temporary band members and special guests play on their CD, Scribe announced the arrival of the first official third member, guitarist Alex Korinzer. Alex gels musically and personally. This talented young man had tracked a record with his band The Smokin Roscoes at the same studio (Owl Mountain- Inverness, CA) where Scribe tracked the basic tracks for the band's debut independent release... The CD is currently available here on-line and in better Bay Area retail stores. Musical guests include mandolin innovator David Grisman, Violinist Katie Johnk, and guitarists Tim OConnor and Julian Hoover. Kent Matcke engineered and mixed the bulk of the CD. Chris Manning engineered the basic tracks. Mastering Ace Ken Lee of Oakland made it sparkle. Todd D'Amario drew the first Scribe logo and our buddy Louis Katz got the logo web ready and designed the CD layout. Tristan Tom took the photo on the back of the CD. Sean Carney initially helped us with the website and now our buddy Peter Kafin is the web man.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes...This is the best way to interface with SCRIBE. The band gives off a bright and powerful energy which is catching and at most times danceable so look out! Scribe lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and tours. Our current list of dates can always be viewed at www.ScribeRocks.com SCRIBE loves to play live. This is what we are all about. Expect some surprises and some cutting edge original music drawing on many styles.
Your musical influences
Rush John Coltrane The Police Miles Davis Willie Dixon Marcus Miller Red Hot Chili Peppers Charles Mingus David Grisman Neil Young Pink Floyd Parlament Funkadelic Charlie Parker Larry Graham King Crimson Jack Bruce Rage Against the Machine Paul McCartney Sting Thin Lizzy Jerry Garcia Louis Johnson The Doors Gary Karr Led Zeppelin Peter Gabriel Jaco Pastorious Buddy Guy Iron Maiden Jimi Hendrix Jazz & Blues Standards Genesis Alice In Chains Cake The Mars Volta Metallica Jane's Addiction Stone Temple Pilots Yes U2 The Beatles Edger Meyer Classical Music Tool Primus Broadway Classics
What equipment do you use?
Top flight professional sound gear!
Anything else?
Scribe rides the line between the extremes in all its endeavors and needs your support to bring this quality message to the people!
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