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Evan Paul
Evan Paul is a very unique artist. His music is totally original, multi-genre, mostly acoustic, new age, easy listening, uplifting and spiritual.
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(Vocal) A blues song using a telecaster my late friend Ted Russel built, and my black faced fender Deluxe.
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With my Eyes Shut
I'm a Canadian songwriter musician and have recently released my first CD, "Spirits in the Sky". It's an instrumental, classical guitar album with sweeteners such as flute and strings. After decades of performing in various bands and as solo, I have finally settled on recording and writing, and only playing live ocasionally. Result, is a sweet, easy listening and spiritually uplifting work that defies any genre placement. It's pure acoustic and very melodic. Also, one will notice vocal songs and collaborations with various world artists. Presently, my latest CD "Eklektika" is active. It's one of the most original multi-genre instrumental album ever created. Unlike my previous, "Spirits in the Sky" collection, this one has percussion, a little more punch, but still retains that Evan Paul style of classical guitar playing. Enjoy!!!
Band/artist history
There have been various bands played for in the past, too many to mention. They were bands of many different genres, from funk, to country and everything in between. A large part was performing solo as a one man band.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have spent most of my life as a professional musician playing live. Now, I only play on special occasions and for free at the beach.
Your musical influences
The CD created is totally original and unlike the music that I played in the past. Classical guitar is something I picked up in 2002 when I began watching sunsets at the beach. I simply fell in love with it. Before that I was your typical, Santana style electric guitar player with blues, jazz, rock, folk and even country overtones.
What equipment do you use?
I use mostly acoustic instruments with the odd synth sound as a pad for landscaping. That's not to say that the electric guitar is totally out of my reach.
Anything else?
Through my journey of listening to independent artists on the internet, I have discovered such incredible talent, that it has totally opened my mind to infinite possibilities through collaborations. The world has truly become a small place, as it's now possible to work with musicians without physically being there. I thank all the friends I have made for their music and inspiration. This is only the beginning of a world of creativity unprecidented a few years ago.
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