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Paul Christopher
November 29, 2003
48,777 plays
I'm a solo artist just starting out. I am starting to play again after not playing for about 10 years and getting back in to the swing of it. I mostly play Instrumental Rock, with Satriani, Steve Vai, being two of my biggest influences. I hope you enjoy the music I'll be putting up! Paul
Band/artist history
Well there isn't a band ,so no band history. I'm not quite old enough to have any history myself :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I would say my biggest audience has been about 5 people, does that count? :)
Your musical influences
Satriani, Steve Vai, 311, Van Halen, and many great 70's and up bands/artists
What equipment do you use?
Gibson Les Paul,Samic Ultramatic,Squier P-Bass, Digitech GNX3, and a PC for recording.
Anything else?
Please be sure to check my links page!!
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big Sound great playing thumbs up yeah
This is very nice, cool chops you have, and good tones to boot plus fat overall sound. 'Like it a lot, Mauri.
Very nice playing, thick sound and great vibe, a little Vai influence no dounbt. Rod
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hmmm.. it seems that there are alot of guitarists whom had faded and come back.. well, if not actively on that stage at least somewhere in a room in the house.... anyway.. great playing. cheers.