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Eugene, OR  USA
November 29, 2003
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Welcome to my music! Feel free to listen to these songs. Check back frequently for updates! If you wish to contact me for a personal or company project, my e-mail is david@djstoltzrecords.com, you can follow me on Twitter @djstoltzrecords, MySpace @djstoltzrecords or search for David Stoltz on Facebook. I now do lessons/sessions - if you live in the Eugene, Springfield area I currently offer lessons and services for: -Drums -Piano/Keyboard -Alto Saxophone -Music Theory -Recording/Producing Please send me an e-mail if you are interested, and if you are looking for a band member or someone to sub for one performance, just e-mail me with your questions.
Band/artist history
I've played piano since I was 5-6, started alto sax in 6th grade, then tenor sax and drums in 8th grade. End of my sophmore year in high school I started playing the soprano sax, and I've been doing original music on my computer since then.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes - but not this music. I play live with jazz combos, playing sax, drums and piano. I do some rock stuff and musicals as well.
Your musical influences
Anyone who's good - jazz musicians like Herbie Hancock, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Joshua Redman, Sonny Rollins, Max Roach, Gordon Goodwin, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsallis, Jeff Goodrich, Buddy Rich, rock artists like Jason Beckner, Yngwie Malmsteen, Spastic Ink, techno artists like Darude, DJ Sammy, Eiffel 65, ATB, ATC, classical/symphonic artists like Bach, Bethoveen, Telemann, Sheauman, Trevor Jones, Randy Edelman, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Klaus Badelt, Hans Zimmer.
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops Studio Edition V.8.1, Acid Pro 6.0, Adobe Audition and Pro Tools along with a bunch of VST/VSTi/DX plugins and samples. No loops, everythings original! Sometimes Garage Band, Kristal and Audacity, Cool Edit Pro, Recycle.
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Hi David, it's a while ! :) Amazing work you made since my last visit ! I remember you were talking to play jazz, great, you did it ! I particularly luv the last solo you made in this tune. May be just miss an hi-hat on after beat to really seem as a trio . Cool! ;)
nice but not my style:D DJ EJA 16 years old check out my songs:D i make techno trance:D
is anyone else getting songs rated 99999 and pages wont load If so go to my page and say because its really wierd...
Hey yo, got some new stuffs for you to listen to. How are your iTunes adventures going?
damn man,,been a while but thanks for your feedback,,Good to see your still perfecting your craft as well..Love "missin you" "Sun Ra", and that "Land Above Meaning" is bannanas..Is that melody something you came up with cause its really nice...dude..i recently got a Motif xs and its an amazing machine..Though i use it primarily for hip hop, i think you would really love it..Well that or a Fantom but i fell it would fit your style nicely..For an idea of what it can do, check out some of the 14 new tracks I put up..Most of them are me on the motif..Remember im new on it, but they are still really nice and professional sounding....Get at me, and keep up the good work