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RaveCore Music
RaveCore Music
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Band/artist history
RaveCore was originally formed in 1996 as an experiment into sound analog sound design. The original Members RaverX & Dynamic later adding other artists DJ Skitz, Action Jackson, SirKut, Funktion, DJ Opel, DJ Bachus creating music and also djing the music at parties for the better part of a decade. After SO-REAL records took a big hit in Europe from the club bombings, at the time SO-REAL was the number one hardcore label in europe, BZRK BLack Label, HSC, Terrorist headfuck among the other sub labels included.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played over 100+ shows between our artists, ranging from 1996-2005. We took a few year hiatus with parties after SOREAL records. We spent from 2005 to 2010 setting up a production studio to work more on our songs than live sets. We have also remixed songs for artists such as DJ OverDog, DJ ELB, Cosmic Gate, Chicane, Daft Punk & Front Line Assembly.
Your musical influences
We are spread out all over the place depending on our artists we have wide variety of influences and genres outside of "electronic music"
What equipment do you use?
For the last few years we have used a full 7700 sq ft studio, using straight midi keyboards (yamaha and korg).An Akai sequencer for merging track data, a few roland drum machines for beat arrangements. For software we went Nuendo and Reason just because its easy to interface with other devices. We have a voice over studio for track vocals and a 64 channel mixer. For parties we have Numarc decks some cd decks and a handful of mixers
Anything else?
We have spent the past 12 years not only writing music, djing our music at parties but also we dabble in the game and film/tv industry for our day jobs.
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